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My New Favorite Jet and Other Finds

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Joined: 06 Jun 2006
Posts: 2006
Location: Chicago
My New Favorite Jet and Other Finds PostWed Jan 17, 2007 1:48 am  Reply with quote  

From a design standpoint, I find this amazing:

From a Weather Modification standpoint, I find this creepy:

"The An-30 has also been used as a weather control aircraft. Some have been fitted with frozen tanks of carbon dioxide to be ejected into the sky to form artificial rain clouds. These An-30s have also been put to use to avoid crop-damaging hailstorms and also to maintain good weather, such as at the 850th anniversary of Moscow in September 1997."

Up and Coming:

Oldies but Goodies:

"The EC-130 Commando Solo conducts psychological operations (PSYOP) and civil affairs broadcast missions in the standard AM, FM, HF, TV and military communications bands. Missions are flown at maximum altitudes possible to ensure optimum propagation patterns. The EC-130 flies during either day or night scenarios with equal success, and is air refuelable. A typical mission consists of a single-ship orbit which is offset from the desired target audience. The targets may be either military or civilian personnel."

"The Scaled Composites Model 281 Proteus is a tandem-wing high-endurance aircraft designed by Burt Rutan to investigate the use of aircraft as high altitude telecommunications relays. The Proteus is actually a multimission vehicle, able to carry various payloads on a ventral pylon. An extremely high-efficiency design, the Proteus can orbit a point at over 65,000 feet (19,800 m) for more than 18 hours. It is currently owned by Northrop Grumman."

Keep posting Smile
“To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell's heart, I stab at thee; For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee”
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Free World Order

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Joined: 18 Apr 2006
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PostThu Jan 18, 2007 1:45 pm  Reply with quote  

Nice find Wink

It looks very fragile to me. I would like to see it in the eye of a storm.

We do have weather modification for farmers now for some civil uses. We have to realise it works for both good and bad and always has negative impacts on natural laws no matter what - we cannot control the world - all will fail and die if they try to or not. Some day this planet may spin out of control or just have weather like venus or mars - so some say. We were once balanced in harmony - now humans wiped out most ecosystems and continue to kill life. It won't ever be the same again because we have killed the very life that sustains other life.

The NASA and civilian planes are also used for weather mod.

A lot of weather modification and experiments are passing as civilian operations now so it is more acceptable, we need to raise awareness of past experiments and how they have killed people and how the weather man made is still killing people.

Many people in America are happy to play God (or to allow others to with no care) but natives and Europeans are NOT. If we all knew then we would be protesting all UN offices/buildings and demonstrating. But at the end of the day they do little to listen to change their ways when no force is used - history shows the USA and UN ignore the masses. The corps prevail all - and conquered nature many decades ago.

Have you had any flyers printed? I will have to get some more printed just anything that will get people to research is good. Then its up to them to look into this tech and its history and who wanted to control the weather for what purposes over the centuries.

We can easily get cards or paper prints for free in the hundreds or thousands - I did from America and they arrived in just over a week - I only paid for shipping since it was a free sample print lot. I could have used a local printers I know but you don't realise how greedy rip off Britain needs to be to survive cost of living rises.
Disclaimer: all my posts are thought crimes and only IMO in the police state we all live in... UK is history, USA to RESIST?
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Joined: 06 Jun 2006
Posts: 2006
Location: Chicago
Total Disregard PostWed Jan 31, 2007 12:29 am  Reply with quote  

Check this one out:

"The first modified B-36 was called the Nuclear Test Aircraft (NTA), a B-36H-20-CF (Serial Number 51-5712) that had been damaged in a tornado at Carswell AFB on September 1, 1952. This plane was redesignated the XB-36H, then the NB-36H and was modified to carry a 1,000 kilowatt, air-cooled nuclear reactor. The reactor was operational but did not power the plane. Its sole purpose was to investigate the effect of radiation on aircraft systems. The NB-36H completed 47 test flights between 1955 and 1957. Based on the results of the NB-36H, the X-6 and the entire nuclear aircraft program was abandoned in 1957."

Also, this gives a good timeline and an overall pattern of how things are going in terms of aircraft development:

"Traveling as fast as 13,000 mph, the warheads are filled with scored tungsten rods with twice the strength of steel. Just above the target, the warheads detonate, showering the area with thousands of rods-each one up to 12 times as destructive as a .50-caliber bullet. Anything within 3000 sq. ft. of this whirling, metallic storm is obliterated.

If Pentagon strategists get their way, there will be no place on the planet to hide from such an assault. The plan is part of a program — in slow development since the 1990s, and now quickly coalescing in military circles — called Prompt Global Strike."

"In 1945, the Army Air Forces redesignated the Weather Wing the Army Air Forces Weather Service and in early 1946, the service moved to Langley Field, Virginia. "

"Air Force Combat Weather Center, located at Hurlburt Field, Florida, develops, evaluates, exploits, and implements new tactics, techniques, procedures, and technologies across Air Force Weather to enhance the effectiveness of Air Force, Army, Special Forces, joint, and combined operations."

"The range, also referred to as the Multi-national Aircrew Electronic Warfare Tactics Facility (MAEWTF), is jointly operated by personnel from the United States, German and French Air Forces."

It just keeps getting weirder!
“To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell's heart, I stab at thee; For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee”
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