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Warmest weather in 300 years

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Warmest weather in 300 years PostSat Apr 28, 2007 12:56 pm  Reply with quote  

Warmest weather in 300 years - global warming or weather warfare or natural sun (weather) cycles as top world scientists say?

European countries as well as England, Scotland and Ireland are talking about climate change and saying the theory of global warming may now be showing signs of evidence because there are more weather records backing the global warming theory. Of course some world leading scientists would say over thousands of years this has happened (and that these records are being used to backup the environmentalists and world government UN EU banks slant on it) which it has - once the whole world was a tropical paradise and we even had coral all over the oceans world wide.

One of the links google brings up:

By Rebecca Evans 28/04/2007

BRITAIN has been basking in the hottest April ever recorded, the Met Office said yesterday.

The average temperature of 11.1C (51.9F) is 3.2C above the norm - the highest since records began in 1659.

It is the latest in a series of statistics to bolster claims that global warming is in full swing.

The past year was the hottest on record, July was the warmest ever month in the UK and the winter was the second mildest of all time. Weathermen were yesterday predicting temperatures may hit 28C (82F) this weekend, making it the hottest of 2007 so far.

Ecologists say the warm weather and excessive dry spell is bad news for wildlife.

Flowers have bloomed early and then wilted in the heat while hedgehogs, newts and bats emerged early from hibernation to find there was little to eat.

A Kent farmer even grew a crop of strawberries in March when they don't usually appear until summer.


It is true and now we have tropical bugs and related ones to our native bugs that thrive in tropical climates surviving winter and cold spring we generally have. Causing problems for trees and other plants, even the bugs that are meant to eat other insects such as lady bugs or lady birds are here but they are the tropical kind and I myself have noticed this also - the spots are different on them which I thought was odd and now I know why - they are not our native ones but ones from hotter climates. I like the warmer weather and it is about 3 degrees celsius warmer than usually is for tis time of the year.

I am not so sure that now we have warmer weather than we have had in 300 years means it is global warming created by man, we did do damage to the ozone if you know about the gases such as CFC's for over 50 years but scientists argue it would take longer (800 plus years - usually takes thousands of years to show global warming) for us to see such damage if it was caused by carbon alone, so many disagree with other on climate change. We cannot ignore or forget the role of Ionospheric heaters that can allow in more sun and radiation to heat us up and then the aerosol chemtrail spraying that traps in this heat! The US gov want it warmer so we will have it warmer! And now there are weather modification programmes in place protecting most major US cities from storms it will mean more damage and worse storms elsewhere in the world - so what if millions die because of this - at least it protects the corporate economy centers of the world.

The world is being systematically destroyed (by numerous sectors) and most are not even aware of it all in detail, even fewer of us have a greater understanding of what it means or the true causes. Just because we still have some rain and it is green does not mean the ecological systems are doing well. The biodiversity of the planet is still facing rapid collapse, extinction and decline all over. Ones that do understand it better than most won't speak out. It is these kind of people we need to speak out - the cowards of the world - that know exactly what is going on but are ignorant and rather not go with the truth. They rather let the darkness rule.

People if you think not resisting and fighting will save or protect you then you are wrong! You may well face the true consequences of it in this life and/or the afterlife by not taking action to make change! Whether you believe it or not many people as myself know it to be fact. Live in denial all you want it won't make you feel better.

Also lets not forget weather modification technologies have existed for over 50 years!
Disclaimer: all my posts are thought crimes and only IMO in the police state we all live in... UK is history, USA to RESIST?
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