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History of Chemical Warfare

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History of Chemical Warfare PostFri May 25, 2007 12:15 am  Reply with quote  

Interesting article on Wiki outlining the development of chemical weapons:

A few quotes....

"The first killing agent employed by the German military was chlorine. German chemical conglomerate IG Farben had been producing chlorine as a by-product of their dye manufacturing."

"the British Army embraced gas with enthusiasm and mounted more gas attacks than any other combatant"

"The deficiencies of chlorine were overcome with the introduction of phosgene, first used by France under the direction of French chemist Victor Grignard in 1915."

"Britain experimented with gas in Palestine during the Second Battle of Gaza"

"The skin of victims of mustard gas blistered, the eyes became very sore and they began to vomit. Mustard gas caused internal and external bleeding and attacked the bronchial tubes, stripping off the mucous membrane. This was extremely painful and most soldiers had to be strapped to their beds. It usually took a person four or five weeks to die of mustard gas exposure."

Man, I was always taught the Allies were the good guys!

"The British used adamsite against Russian revolutionary troops in 1919 and mustard against Iraqi insurgents in the 1920s; Spain used chemical weapons in Morocco against Rif tribesmen throughout the 1920s and Italy used mustard gas in Libya in 1930 and again during its invasion of Ethiopia in 1936. In 1925, a Chinese warlord, Zhang Zuolin, contracted a German company to build him a mustard gas plant in Shenyang, which was completed in 1927."

"On 31 March 1918 the British conducted their largest ever "gas shoot", firing 3,728 cylinders at Lens."

Ever wonder where the stockpiles go when they are too old to be useful?

"In the past, a common method of getting rid of unexploded chemical ammunition was to detonate or dump it at sea"

This was a common practice. There are hundreds of thousands of chemical weapons on the ocean seabed. Saltwater decays the canisters, and the gas is left to waft about in the ocean at random.

This is another reason why I don't "support my troops." Are they really protecting us or simply handing down problems to future generations? If they had our welfare in mind, wouldn't they figure out a way to dispose of weaponry when it was created instead of passing them off? Just think what would happen if no one supported their troops.....
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