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OPERATIONAL WEATHER MODIFICATION PostMon Jun 25, 2007 12:21 am  Reply with quote
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finally :) PostMon Jun 25, 2007 12:44 am  Reply with quote  

I'll offer here a simple explanation of how it works. When water converts from vapor form to liquid drops or ice crystals, some heat is also generated (technically called the latent heat of vaporization). This extra heat -- in a borderline situation -- can be enough to give the cloud a little extra buoyancy and cause it to bust through some weak stable layer aloft. On these occasions, a much taller cloud can form, which then will produce a lot more precipitation than the unseeded small cumulus clouds.

In a warm cloud situation this is definitely the case. But what if we put plastic fibers with endothermic bacteria attached in the clouds that generate ice crystals at 50F?

Other weather modification activities include fog dispersion and hail suppression. The concept behind hail suppression is to inject a high enough concentration of ice nuclei (usually silver iodide) that so many initial hail kernels form that none can get too big. In other words, there is only a limited amount of moisture, distributed into many more small hailstones, which might then even melt before they get to the ground. The state of North Dakota has a project of this type.An aircraft began seeding the storm for hail suppression as soon as it entered North Dakota (they do not have a permit to perform cloud seeding in Montana). During the next 50 minutes, the storm completely dissipated. The question is, was the storm beginning to dissipate naturally, or did the seeding cause the dissipation?

It changed from a low pressure (rotating supercell thunderstorm) to a bow echo storm(like a front).

Notice the similarities here between what I've said about the USAF's rain absorbing spray(clockwise chemtrails)? Condensating water releases latent heat which warms the atmosphere, increasing the # of small particles in the cloud reduces particle size and can keep the rain in the cloud vs. falling to the ground,
Also increasing the size and type of certain particles can increase rainfall over a region by "jumpstarting" a cloud or areas of cloudiness.

It's everything I've preached for the past 67 months...
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