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Goede Morgen Sluierwolken today again.

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skywatcher NL

Joined: 12 Aug 2005
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Goede Morgen Sluierwolken today again. PostFri Jul 06, 2007 4:51 pm  Reply with quote  

Hello readers of CTC,

Never done this bit before. I stopped posting when things were unsettled here awhile back. Never stopped reading though, this and other CT sites.
So many of you have really nailed this non mystery and I appreciate all
research done so far.

Been looking at this mess,closely, since 2002, noticed the grids being laid-low! in the sky and strange flight patterns overhead starting in
1997 or 8.
Also noticed that nobody noticed or cared much...."It's always been this way" was the typical response of people under the age of 25. I stopped talking about it, eventually, except to one friend who saw what was happening too.
I used to, and still do to a degree, spend hours researching the likely suspects, taking pictures, watching the tic-tac-toe boards and X's spray painted in a pristine sky...I do that less these days,( while still fully aware of the new sky) and try not to dwell too much on what I feel powerless to change. It is so entrenched and "normalized" everywhere in the media. As backdrops or billboards, there they are again...swish!
I understand what is happening, now, thanks to many of you and critical thinking. Logic. The issues are much clearer now, but still learning. The revolution is nano/biotech...and it's changing our world quickly. Those polymers and barium salts...etc..aluminum...titanium oxide etc...are doing their job from the bottom up. New pathogens springing up everywhere. It is rocket science and many other disciplines all rolled into one! and terrifying for the future of my kids and Grandkids. Or maybe it will be embraced and us Old Fogies are the ones with a major problem with...hijacking nature. Synthesized. The NWO.

Lately, I am trying to understand the mind-set of evil. Real psychology. Psycopaths. Non-humans devoid of empathy or a heart. Able to kill, without remorse or consequence. Poneratization in politics. It's mind boggling that such non-humans have huge power over their environments.
These people remind me of lizards. One day, I expect to see a togue roll out of one and catch a fly, real quick...OOPS!


Earthwatcher & Sky
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