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Microscope Presents Part Two

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Microscope Presents Part Two PostMon Jul 30, 2007 11:46 pm  Reply with quote  

"Each day for several months, air samples were collected. These samples were viewed under a microscope and a digital image recorded."

I have finished uploading another bunch of pictures. When you get to the gold specs that look like Christmas tree ornaments, I am told it is SMART DUST.

I gotta say this, we always called a flash light a bug light. Years later I was installing a chandelier in the servants house on Teel Island. I asked the caretaker for a bug light. He was gone in a second, and back just as fast handing me a can of beer. "No, not Bud Light, a bug light - flashlight", I said. We both laughed and he got me a flashlight.

When I first saw the bug with a light in it, I thought, Wow! A bug light. I took several photos with the bug in different places under the microscope. It is not reflected light. There are three pictures of it.

Here is the link:
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