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Tired of the disinformers

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Richard Burgeson


Joined: 12 Jun 2006
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Tired of the disinformers PostSun Sep 30, 2007 12:20 pm  Reply with quote  

Zoom is good people, it's like taking out a pair of binoculars and looking at it. I've seen it in this forum and other forums. Oh, don't use zoom. I used to think the wildlife photographers were extra special. That they spent days getting a shot, you know, that exclusive close up. Then one day I was watching Wild Kingdom and the movie camera was panning on some buck an they zoomed in and froze to a still shot. There it was a perfect cover picture for a magazine. It's not special men at all it's special equipment. So ignore the disinformers, go ahead and use zoom. Get right in there and show people the real horror story. I hate people that misdirect to impede progress, not just here any form of progress, be it science, national, or social. Yes I said national, that ought to keep the Elite from sleeping tonight.

Most of this s!@# going on is way over a mile up, use your brain and your equipment. If it's not oxygen it's not good for you to breath and we are trying to get it across to the people that they are breathing the crap they see them spraying in the sky. I blame chemtrails for contributing to the depleted oxygen level just as much as I do industry. Aluminium and other ingredients in chemtrails asorbe oxygen. Other materials asorbe moisture which has oxygen in it.
Thomas Jefferson. " Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who don't."
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