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Thermit: Please Put a Stop to This

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Thermit: Please Put a Stop to This PostThu Oct 18, 2007 9:27 pm  Reply with quote  

I just sent this pm to Thermit:

Thermit, I know we had a bit of a stink up a while back over the ctc changes threads, but if you are for real, please do something about the trolling. It's not right. Especially when it's your moderators who are also involved.

From Increase1776:

He or it ,uses the Kent State Massacre date as a user name.One would think this person to be from Ohio,not Tie-one-on."May-fly" you pitifull excuse for a human being,how dare you use the tragedy at Kent State and the murder of the students,as your little user or should I say LOSER,name.You spit on the graves of those students and the hundreds of others that were involved.Crawl back into your hole and take all your knuckledraggin alter egos with you. I think we have discovered the Missing Link.

from this link:

Photos of Taiwanese Chemtrails

Do I not have the right to think certain kooky theories exist about chemtrails to make the whole topic look like a non-issue?

If you can't stick up for the posters with the most logical theories and ideas, then how exactly do you think this website is helping get the chemtrails exposed and stopped?

Thanks for your time and consideration.
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