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Noel the hurricane becomes Noel the "noreaster"

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visual ray wizard

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Noel the hurricane becomes Noel the "noreaster" PostFri Nov 02, 2007 2:57 pm  Reply with quote

Hurricane Noel pulled off a surprising burst of intensification last night despite 30 knots of wind shear. The storm's pressure dropped from 993 mb to 981 mb in just a few hours, and the winds cranked up to 80 mph. Noel is the first November hurricane in the Atlantic since Hurricane Michelle of 2001. Fortunately, Noel's intensification burst came after the storm had cleared the Bahama Islands, and wind damage was relatively minor in the islands. The latest Hurricane ...

The key to keeping Noel safely out at sea at this point is the intense upper lows in Canada that are pulling massive amounts of cold dry air towards the south east. The resulting upper high that is located between the lows is the main controlling mechanism for pushing Noel safely out to sea in my humble opinion.

The computer interfaced spray ops is designed to steer the air mass in a desired direction. In this case they were and are deflecting Noel to keep it out at sea. As long as the high pressure dome stays to the north and west of Noel then it should continue out to sea no problemo.

Being one with nature never felt so good!
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