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Ecofascism or Envriomentalism: DePopulation Controls Debate

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Ecofascism or Envriomentalism: DePopulation Controls Debate PostTue Nov 27, 2007 5:00 pm  Reply with quote  

Ecofascism or Environmentalism: DePopulation Controls Debate

Radical greens also known as ecofascists or world government environmentalism politics is controversial more so in developed nations according to United Nations' studies, they should know as they are at the forefront of depopulation programmes globally.

Is sterilisation of third world populations acceptable when genetically engineered vaccines are used?

Is genetically engineered crops such as maize engineered to sterilise acceptable to be used in North America?

These are realities for all of us! If the genomic crops get out too much we will all lose our sterility fast and be unable to reproduce. Engineering this tech into crops was a bad idea from the start, if you run a deep hard search on line you will find related material to these two processes of current depopulation techniques.

For the record the majority of green activists do not support global depopulation programmes, but some false humanity groups under the UN do that are in partnership with post WWII cartels the same ones that committed genocide and experimented on children at concentration camps. Now we are to believe this is acceptable for the modern world, given the roots of the origins being European and American in the modern era, but also with ancient routes as well.

The world is poorly managed and engineered to be in a structured unsustainable system, this however can be changed to support all of us, the major part is cutting unnecessary pollution and changing manufacturing technology to older available but cleaner technologies we refuse to use. And to build up infrastructure in a balanced sustainable way to people out of reach that face starvation and environmental catastrophe.

Some areas of the world may be over populated, even these parts of the world can now be re-engineered to support the populace and environmental ecosystems without depopulation but with immigrant control. I still do not mean depopulation when I say immigrant control, I mean maintaining current levels of population whole allowing growth with stability using high tech eco life support systems such as vertical farming - freeing up industrial farm land and factory farms for nationalised eco-nature reserves and re-forestation. If is not perfect but safe and clean for all, even when we eat organics from the skyscraper farms. Local non polluting delivery of such foods and industrial production crops for commerce, industry and end user consumer uses. Time to re-localise things, instead of having one super central hyper market and one central bank, government, etc. They are our failures of this world. if we took these steps then our human movements would not need to be restricted because we would be giving life back to the environment at the same time. Now would we need to depopulate.

We may even be able to use better non polluting weather modification techniques not in use in regions of the world that need it.

Take a look at the world using Goggle Earth and see how un-natural the world landscape is, how man made formed it is. We've done that, not nature, we shaped the land and farms. All the greenland. We didn't allow it to become a wildlife reserve to natures own elements. But we can shape things good or bad when we want to, just a matter of human will.

I don't have all the answers, only ideas, apparently all of it is now illegal, classed as thought crimes! Yikes:O Outlaw all the green groups and environmental corps then as well and get less tax dollars.
IS chopping down a forest sustainable population control elite fascists???
How about global airport expansions using age old technologies?

Fascist world government?

Time to strike a balance, it means taxing corporate profits of the likes of biotech-chemical and drug cartels and any other cartel that revels killing the planet and people. 90% tax on profit for these groups would be good to fund genuine sustainable systems until the corps are taxed out of existence while the world has replaced them with a sustainable balanced option.

If this posts seems contradictive that is because the world state affairs and elite made it that way, they own the corporations destroying the planet along with the institutional powers that own such corps. In the meanwhile they want us to accept the solution they brainwash us with - repetition is brainwashing or greenwashing! Depopulation is the only solution to cutting deforestation and pollution - nonsense lies. Even Nazi emphasisers did not have such elite views back in the day in America.

The world's population is expected to reach eight billion within about 30 years.

GOOD! We produce food to feed 9.3 billion already!
Disclaimer: all my posts are thought crimes and only IMO in the police state we all live in... UK is history, USA to RESIST?
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