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Richard C Hoagland looks to be right

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Richard Burgeson


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Richard C Hoagland looks to be right PostFri Nov 30, 2007 1:38 pm  Reply with quote  

His conspiracy work is gathering more than just a little credibility. Look at all the countries going to the moon. I have long believed mankind has been on this planet for several civilizations. The finds of underwater cities getting deeper and deeper are getting older and older. Some of these may have been far more advanced than our own.

The United States is going to lose this new race to the moon. I bet we were told if we interfere we are facing complete inilation. They thought they were to powerful to be stopped. 700 boxes of Moon pictures still missing. Humans were in space before I'm betting. On Coast to Coast AM a disclosure was made about Venus. If the atmosphere is thousands of degrees how did the parachute survive long enough to land a probe. The answer is they lied to the people. In the old days before the lie Hollywood and science fiction writers called Venus the sister planet. Scientist today place Venus inside the circle of life, this is an area around a star were life should be found. Look at this.

Could it be that studying Venus is one of the basis for the chemtrail programs? Could the cloud cover be keeping Venus cooler than the expected temperature? I have a definite distrust of anything the government says to us. I'm up front about that. They have lied to me so long they have no credibility left at all. (Only queers gets AIDS) I knew that one from the beginning because of mistrust I analysis what they say sentence by sentence. Like a microbe is going to be that selective of the host of the infection. Back to the subject.

We know they are airbrushing pictures of space so we won't find out what's up there. I'm equally sure we have a black space program. They want to hang a kid with 70 years of jail time because he got a list of nonterrestrial officers. Does that tell you something? Well whether it does or it doesn't I hope India and Russia hurry and get up there. I also hope they have the capability off destroying secret dark space craft and keep the United States from doing damage to artifacts so there is something left to study. Believe me, what they are hiding will benefit mankind. They would destroy it to keep it from us if they have any chance to do so. I have a high resolution picture of Mars with artifacts on it, were should I put it? I have only used a online storage site once with bad results. I think the space is still there under my name and password but, my data isn't there and x rated stuff is. So who can I trust with this picture so you guys can inspect it, and were it is unlikely to be edited by the govt. for awhile? The artifacts are an edge of a plate with a square hole in it and a stack of pipe covered with dust. Both of which are easily I.D.ed as human constructions and not the work of alien lifeforms.
I'd be glad to get this up and get a link into the forum for your inspection, it has to go to were they accept files over 60 megabytes. You guys tell me where to put it. I bring it to your attention right now email is restricted to small files so we can't share things like this, by government design.
Thomas Jefferson. " Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who don't."
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