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ChemtrailCentral Suggestion Box PostMon Dec 03, 2007 9:29 pm  Reply with quote  

A new area has been initiated here on site, for the membership to bring their ideas and or suggestions for the site's growth and development. In an attempt to move the site forward in a progressive manner, and avoid stagnation the new "Suggestion Box" has been established.
This is a world community and the thoughts and ideas of the membership are an important factor for continued momentum and growth.
If you have any new ideas or suggestions you might like to see implemented please feel free to put them here.
This is not the complaint department. It is more of a brainstorming section where by members and management can come together and discuss new ideas to move the forum forward.
Anyone with a new idea or suggestion for ChemtrailCentral to consider should place it here for review.
Suggestion's made of a deliberately derogatory nature will be removed, in that, if the suggestion was made to just express negative criticism for the purpose of spreading negativity it will be removed. We don't need it, and it serves no purpose for the greater good of this Community.
Anyway, with that in mind, please feel free to contribute your ideas for consideration and thanks for continuing to support your site and community here at ChemtrailCentral...
The Management
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Post new topic This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.
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