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particles and weather mod

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particles and weather mod PostThu Jan 10, 2008 3:07 pm  Reply with quote  

Here is a particle mirror
Image 892

Here is a tower showing its energy pattern displayed by use of particles not visible to the eye
Image 1035

Here is fallout from a chemtrail with the particles displayed, not visible to the eye
Image 893

Here is another tower showing the energy pattern via particles not visible to the eye
Image 891

Here is a dual blade helicopter interfering with particles your eyes can not see

Image 1033

Here is a photograph showing alignment of particles in the atmosphere, the particles are too small for the eye to see, imagine what the sky would look like where you live if you could see the energy being represented by the small particles, just like the bar magnet and metal filings in your science class.
Image 1391

Well folks, it's real , it is here and now, These particles can be seen using digital cameras with computer processing to sweep through the contrast filters. Aligned particles acted upon by energy in the ground, over water bodies, and in the atmosphere may be disrupted by injection of Radio Frequency transmissions, microwave directed energy has a striking effect on these alignments. Where do these particles come from? In areas of minimal Chemtrails they are almost non existent. In areas of heavy concentrations of Chemtrails the particles become very prolific. Rain will remove them from the sky. Wonder why certain areas are in drought? Keep the air saturated with these particles and use them for purposes we may only wonder about. The first photo of the mirror system is exactly what HAARP needs to create high temperarture plasma events any where they want to at any time of day regardless of position of the ionosphere.
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