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Chemtrail Delivery 'Weather systems' contract

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Chemtrail Delivery 'Weather systems' contract PostTue Mar 04, 2008 9:57 am  Reply with quote  

The Air Force’s Weather Agency today awarded Northrop Grumman a $239 million contract to provide support, operations control and other functions under the Systems Engineering, Management and Sustainment II contract.

NWO Dept of Weather Managment / Cloud seeding program not harming western Colorado wildlife

There's been criticism out, insisting cloud seeding brought snow to parts of Gunnison County, even as wildlife managers scrambled to feed Mule deer, left without grazing land by heavy snow drifts. News 8 has learned this may not be the case.

Department of wildlife officials say, where the snow from cloud seeding has been going, is not where wildlife are being fed. Because of this winter's deep snow pack the D-O-W has been going out to feed deer, and other wildlife left without grazing land.

Many people were worried the cloud seeding was creating more snow, and therefore hindering the feeding efforts. The D-O-W doesn't use taxpayer money, but Governor Ritter recently released state funds to help pay for this effort.

Randy Hampton says all of the Gunnison Basin cloud seeding stopped in early January, except for one area which stopped this week.

Hampton said, "We found out that there's not any overlap between the areas where the cloud seeding is occurring, and where the feeding is occurring, so it really isn't a big challenge for the wildlife. But it certainly brought to our attention another thing we need to be thinking about, that we haven't had to think about for quite a few years, because of the mild winters we've been having."

Cloud seeding is done by water groups to build the snow pack. Ski resorts sometimes request it to make sure they have a sufficient amount of snow.

There have been five cloud seeding operations in Western Colorado this winter in Vail, Aspen, and in the Gunnison Basin.
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