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Misleading Cotton Ads Banned in U.K.

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Misleading Cotton Ads Banned in U.K. PostMon Mar 17, 2008 8:16 pm  Reply with quote  

Poster and magazine ads by the U.S. cotton industry have been banned in Britain. The U.K. Advertising Standards Authority can put the kibosh on advertising deemed to be greenwashing, and regulators took issue with the cotton ads' claim that the crop is "soft, sensual, and sustainable." The ad authority pointed out that cotton is a "pesticide- and insecticide-intensive crop" and can "seriously deplete" groundwater supplies. The cotton industry protested the ban, to no avail.

You see biotech whores! Organics are by far superior than your franenstein re-creations. Nature always rules!

This is well overdue! now it is time to enforce labelling all soft drinks and products containing aspartame as being genetically engineered. With a skull and bones symbol.

Biotech whores, you strayed from the original lies and illusions you sold us back in the early commercial days during y2k bug fears and genome promotional you mess with food at your own perils...yet you still revil in it all because you think some day it means total control and profit. So much for science based observation, in with the neu modification regime - nature is all evil and imperfect. Including all humans?...

Life support systems...super foods for oceans and humans....something some natives know about. False flawed science solutions for false flawed theories of climate change, genetic disease an so on. Forced mass medication for all...gene flow contamination of all life...will be that the biotech policy...sure... Twisted Evil

So simple yet so complex - you will never understand your decodings and continuously make mistakes that cannot be corrected for millions of natural cycles.

Of course the origins of the science are to be used and abused, biowarfare!

Genetically engineered or enhanced crops that are claimed to have 80% higher yields than conventional crops are generally opposite claims than truth based science that is always independent based or government based science that is consistently ignored by others in power.

Such as GM cotton - has Bt pesticide much higher levels than found in nature so the bugs become immune to it much faster and easier when exposed to it daily - 24/7 round the clock.

When they say 80% higher yields they do not reveal their own documents showing the opposite nor do they show documents proving farmers have to pay much more because they now need to buy chemicals such as Roundup making them in debt in the hundreds of millions per third world farmer - that is on the list to commit suicide along with 39,000-53,000 farmers that do in India each year. It generally means more chemicals are needed to be sprayed now the crop is toxic resistant and more carcinogenic prone. In plain English 800% lower yields when grown to sustainable requirements. As the same land is used for more of this toxic industrialised biotech farming the more toxic it becomes. When used for other uses it will kill animals that graze on it or posion what is grown there or genetically alter it because the soils are contaminated. That require deep de-contamination cleanups as seen in Eastern European countries by organisations - cleanup of US biotech operations. Now these are in the EU or soon to be.
Not exactly a good site but alright.
i.e. American science is far lagging Korea, Russia, England, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Philippines when it comes to these areas of sci-tech. Including research into organics - leading to misrepresentation of organics known as propaganda.
Disclaimer: all my posts are thought crimes and only IMO in the police state we all live in... UK is history, USA to RESIST?
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