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SE&GC 4/4/08

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SE&GC 4/4/08 PostFri Apr 04, 2008 8:00 pm  Reply with quote  

It's spring time and spring time brings thunderstorms across much of the Southern US. Today is no exception. We have a cold front that is marching eastward from the Mississippi River valley into the Southeastern US where it is encountering warm humid air with temperatures well into the 80's today across GA,AL,MS and FL. Along with this humid air and early summer time conditions we have thunderstorms popping up. We also have a return to radar returns from chemtrail fallout.
The USAF uses a combination of vapor absorbing materials to alter the weather patterns over the US. One type of material is it's rain absorbing spray. As this material falls from the upper atmosphere, the particles become larger and larger and more water vapor is available towards the surface. Unless the particles become rained out then they continue to swell as the amount of moisture avialable to them becomes greater. Let's check out the dewpoint map across the US today. Notice we have 60F dewpoints across the Southeastern US. The key here is to remember where the 60F dewpoint line is.

Now let's examine the 12hr water vapor loop. Notice the large amount of chemtrail activity across Southern Texas and Northern Mexico at the start of the loop. Follow it's path over the past 12 hours. Look where it ends up. Over LA,AL,GA,FL,SC and NC.

Now imagine these particles falling through the atmosphere to the surface. If they are metallic in nature then they will swell and should appear on as radar returns. Here's the Southern Radar's. Notice that the chemtrail fallout is prevelant across LA,GA,AL,FL,NC,SC. But to really understand that this IS chemtrail fallout, take a closer look at what is occuring along the GA and SC coasts. Notice the sea breeze from the Atlantic? This would be the air that hasn't been affected by the chemtrail fallout due to the winds aloft. Yet, if we look back towards Southeastern Louisana we see chemtrail fallout coming off the Gulf of Mexico, where the chemtrails have fallen towards the surface.

My observations last summer pointed towards the 55F dewpoint line being the threshold for chemtrail fallout to appear on radar. Today it shows up extremely well. Once dewpoints are near 60F the fallout shows up beautifully as demonstrated by radar returns.
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