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Has anything been attempted yet?

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Joined: 12 Aug 2005
Posts: 3
Has anything been attempted yet? PostFri Aug 12, 2005 2:03 am  Reply with quote  


I've signed up to get some input from others, because I seem to get a "solid" answer from one site, then the next guy says he has the truth...and so on.
So what's being done so far? I imagine the first thing one should do is get ahold of some sort of aircraft or balloon carrying the right equipment, and take it through the chemtrails around the world, taking very large samples of these trails. From what I've read, we have identified some substances as being alkaline salt and some antibiotic-resistent germ. Can anyone confirm that?
Next, the planes themselves need to be grounded. In hopes that it would work
I have my doubts about the signed petitions. I don't think the government would have such dedication to something and have it elimated by a john hancocked piece of paper.

Anyways, of the substances we know exist from the planes, does anyone know how to elimate them? If we can't stop these people from spreading these things, then we should make our own to elimate the trails before they spread. Also heavy decontamination resources for the ground, water, food, environment, our bodies....everything. Even if, unlikely, these chemtrails were to "immunize" us from something, it should still be stopped. The way things look, is that if it is for protection, then it isn't working, as people seem to be tipping over left and right.
I think if enough minds got together, for every trail made, some technology would soon follow to "sterlize" everything and destroy these particles.

If possible, who could the public go to that would have the power down ban these aircraft from the air, effectively, and not have their strings pulled by anyone? I think, either way, we're in for something extremely big. Either people are going to gather, plan and take absolute control until they get answers, and control/elimate the entire operation, we will all be extremely sick, or we will be ok but we're going to be attacked via germ warfare.
I know we have the knowledge and resources to put an end to this mess,
So, I ask again, has anything been attempted yet? Are scientists, engineers and chemists getting together and working on a solution? Is anyone looking to start something like this but just need more man power and resources?

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Joined: 12 Aug 2005
Posts: 3
PostFri Aug 12, 2005 3:00 am  Reply with quote  

Or this could all just be nothing...something much simpler.
I haven't made up my mind about chemtrails yet, that's why I ask here.
There seems to be too much evidence vs non evidence vs nothing.
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Joined: 07 Dec 2002
Posts: 1602
Location: A Remote/Well Fortified Complex
PostFri Aug 12, 2005 11:31 am  Reply with quote  

At this point in time, the government has chosen to take the route of total denial for any and all of this massive activity. This means that it is up to each one of us, as concerned citizens, to take this responsibility upon ourselves if we want to find answers, and eventually put an end to this insanity. Clifford Carnicom has done just about everything that a concerned citizen can possibly do in this regard. If you take the time to carefully read his website, you should find some answers to your questions...

Good CT website with LOTS of good info... but suggest taking article by Jim Phelps with "a grain of salt"...

From a professional TV meteorologist not afraid to speak out...
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Richard Burgeson


Joined: 12 Jun 2006
Posts: 613
Location: Erie,PA
if the ingredients in a childs immunization shot PostFri May 02, 2008 2:26 am  Reply with quote  

Doesn't scare you you have a strong stomach. Imagine what they would add to the trails.

Partial cells have been identified. What do you make of that. Are they over taxing immune systems by gearing them up to fight something nonexistent or will a partial cell immunize?
Thomas Jefferson. " Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who don't."
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