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Chemtrails - Shocking Phoenix Air Quality Test Results

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Joined: 16 Jul 2000
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Chemtrails - Shocking Phoenix Air Quality Test Results PostSun Jun 15, 2008 4:18 am  Reply with quote  

Chemtrails - Shocking Phoenix Air Quality Test Results
By Ted Twietmeyer

NOTE: This article shows photos and tables.

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Cloudy Skies

Joined: 22 Aug 2007
Posts: 122
Location: UK
PostSun Jun 15, 2008 5:44 pm  Reply with quote  

Barium and aluminum (more on aluminum later) are commonly found in chemtrail fallout.

Trouble is, there's no evidence of this. Finding such substances after contrails have been observed 6 miles overhead is not proof that they came from said contrails. Especially when more local sources aren't even considered.

But that's disinfo for you Wink

I wonder why they want you to think these chemicals came from the sky?
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Joined: 18 Nov 2001
Posts: 1323
Location: North East U.S.A.
PostSun Jun 15, 2008 10:48 pm  Reply with quote  

CLOUDY SKIES: I wonder why you would have us believe you are not a debunker ???

I have had ten years of eyewitnessing the massacre of OUR breathing space as I travel throughout the country...The effect has been detrimental to the land, lakes, rivers, oceans and of course our fellow humans. This along with evidence Mr. Carnicom and many other have presented are sufficient for me to know what's going on, who is at the root of it, and it's purpose.

Anyone who remains unaware or refuses acknowledgement is a ignoramus.

Please, do not reply as I am not the least bit interested in anything you have to say.
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Orwell knew

Joined: 21 May 2004
Posts: 475
Location: Mid-Missouri
PostTue Jun 17, 2008 12:49 pm  Reply with quote  

These test results----IF they are real----should be able to be duplicated over and over. While I would not be surprised to find this level of pollution in samples from these continuous aerosol applications, interested citizens should be trying to duplicate these screenings by collecting samples and having them tested OPENLY and not be afraid to give their names and info on how, where, who etc.

There IS power in numbers, citizens again should try and repeat these air quality testings in MASS, and coordinate with the air quality agancies that are tasked with keeping track of such things. Get names of people on the inside, I find it hard to believe that EVERYONE who knows about what is happening can be silenced. Use the scientific method to gather EVIDENCE of the pollution levels from the spraying and take that evidence and provide it to the newspapers, EVERY government agency that one can contact, every radio show one can call into, and make as MUCH NOISE as possible----SOMEONE will hear. FORCE THESE AGENCIES that are tasked with monitoring air to pay attention---IT IS THEIR JOB--- and don't let up on them until they do. Work WITHIN the system as well as without and make friends with those on the inside. I wouldn't necessarily assume that EVERYONE who works at the state/local level is comprimised or doesn't care.
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Joined: 03 Feb 2006
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PostWed Jun 18, 2008 3:39 am  Reply with quote  

Did these test results get put out on the mainstream news media? NOPE, and they won't either. Just like the arial spraying, mums the word and unless it gets out into the mainstream, most will say it's hogwash. Where's Charlie Gibson when you need him. OH-reading a monitor like the great investigator he is.
... we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude. Aldous Huxley
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