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Strike for your health...July 4, 2008

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Strike for your health...July 4, 2008 PostFri Jul 04, 2008 4:11 am  Reply with quote

Change the world - forever!Knowing the truth...

What you need to know.

I am urging people of all backgrounds, ethnicity, religion, class etc to come together and make a stand. The main issue that we are facing at the moment as a nation is the unmonitored chemical spraying that appears to be happening all over the world. People are already becoming aware of the upcoming changes including the New World Order and the worrying building of concentration camps but this is happening now and it needs to be addressed by everyone.

Strike for your health...

There is already a planned peaceful protest being held all around the world on July 4th 2008 to start making the rulers of the world aware that we will not stand back quietly and be kept in the dark about important events that affect the entire world. I am begging you as human beings to bring the country, all countries to a standstill on July 4th and strike from work and reflect on these issues so that we cannot be ignored anymore. Protesting may or may not be the way and I'm really starting to feel that people shouldn't gather in large numbers outside tomorrow with all the spraying that has been going on. It would be a perfect way for them to possibly infect masses of people at once, please consider striking instead I really believe this can work.

I know there are numerous amounts of people out there who are just waiting to make a difference and you can but strength comes in numbers and we are far greater than all the rulers joined together. It's us, the everyday people of the world that are lead to believe we have no power but it is us that keeps this world running and them rich and powerful. We have the power to stop it now, it may not be easy and things may get very hard but it's the right thing to do for us and for future generations to come.

Let's make dictatorship and suffering a thing of the past and start changing the world into the kind of place it should be.

Now is the time when everybody has to make a choice. Stand up for your freedom and your rights by striking on July 4th. Or carry on being lied to, manipulated and possibly even poisoned by the secret rulers of the world. Please visit My thoughts...and What Can We Do?for alternate ideas on ways to make a difference.

If we all come together we can change things and make a difference, the time is now.


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