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Making a "chemtrail" map

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Making a "chemtrail" map PostSat Jul 05, 2008 12:56 pm  Reply with quote  

Greetings Skywatchers and Earth Change Viewers,

Just a short note, (no link),does anyone know of any coordinated efforts to map chemtrail sitings daily and try and overlay them with weather/satellite maps etc.

I would think that if a group could be assembled from individuals around the country, several in each state if possible, that could act as chemtrail spotters, and this data could be put into a "chemtrail" cloud map and used to compare with weather maps, the data might prove very interesting.

I am located in Mid-Missouri and unbelievably we have had blue skies, this morning CHEM-FREE, very nice, however often over this area that is not the case, and we get the 'white-out' treatment, compliments of wave after wave after wave of planes spewing the infamous white smokey heavy spreading exhaust plumes that often blocks out the sun and causes the *spectacular* sunsets and black sooty pollution clouds (after the sun goes down).

Anyway, I would be delighted to be a part of a project that would daily map sitings from chemtrail spotters across the U.S., does anyone know or have the technology to put together a tracking map that could coordinate sitings and have them show on a national map? Anybody doing anything like that already? A new feature for Chemtrail Central??? Cool

Thoughts? Idea
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