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Part II Iowa Floods C/O USAF

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Part II Iowa Floods C/O USAF PostThu Oct 02, 2008 4:45 pm  Reply with quote  

The intelligence level at the USAF's weather modification project is about as low as it could possibly get. One has to wonder if there is any type of memory of past weather events within their division of meteorologists that are incharge of directing weather patterns. The morons did it again! In late May they attempted to prevent tropical storm Artuhur from moving into the Gulf disrupting oil/gas rigs productions. Now the USAF attempted to prevent a fairly cool polar air mass from decending down to Florida for a day or two. What happened? The morons sprayed the jet stream just off the Japan coast accelerating it eastward and fragmenting the ridge of high pressure moving out of Canada. This fragmentation will cause a piece of the high to be pushed southeastward into the Southeastern US thus preventing the cold air from moving any further south than Central VA, before exiting into the N.Atlantic. This fragmented high pressure system will open up an entire Gulf of Mexico connection beginning over the weekend and will begin to soak the Upper Mid-West with very heavy rains. We will be witnessing Iowa Floods Part II C/O the USAF.
Most nations and militaries in the world promote their bright young scientists, not the US Govt and US Military, they intimidated their brightest one.
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