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Contrail 'Science" or Propaganda Site?

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Orwell knew

Joined: 21 May 2004
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Location: Mid-Missouri
Contrail 'Science" or Propaganda Site? PostThu Oct 16, 2008 3:34 am  Reply with quote  

Having been watching and investigating the cloud creating operations above my home here in Mid-Missouri for years (and sharing that with other reseachers here) I was drawn recently to a somewhat new site on the net called *Contrail Science* that seems to attempt to provide "scientific" reasons as to why the lingering trails being witnessed worldwide are simply "ice formations". I thought I would share this link with other researchers here that would like to vist there and partcipate with a couple of the site owners that call the idea of chemtrails a "conspiracy theory" as well as some 'believers' there posting oppostion to them in return.

The site does provide some reasonable pictures and info that seems legitimate and even at times interesting about vapor trails, but I must admit my initial reaction was that it is simply a slick "disinformation" site attempting to look like it's objective, but in reality trying to convince people to look the other way. But I'll try and keep an open mind.

Here's the link for the dedicated and the knowledgable as well as the curious and the brave.

Hope to see ya there sometime,

Orwell knew
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