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Why global warming is not man made - solutions go ignored

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Why global warming is not man made - solutions go ignored PostFri Jan 09, 2009 1:03 am  Reply with quote  

There are too many scientific reasons why global warming is mostly not caused by human activities for the scope of this post. And far more reasons why we should combat biospheric extinctions before it is too late, as we know we are currently facing the latest mass global extinction which if is allowed to continue will also result in a huge depopulation of humans as well, unless we start to put our heart and soul into sustainable systems. Nature is technology and nature is far superior to all things man made, we base all engineering and everything we do around natural models! You have no idea to what extent! Or how vastly.

I think both sides would rather debate this out for all eternity - I guess some people love stalemate as opposed to real progress. Still, no one cares or questions where all that eco tax money goes to.

When "10% increase in city parks could offset global warming until 2080s"

Now the technology has existed to use nature to clean up pollution for all time, tribes have known how nature works for tens of thousands of year, it is hard for us to think how long because we rely on what the media tells (and historic records that only span a limited time) us before we authorise ourselves to believe the gospel truth when in fact that truth can only come from within!

China still uses CFC gases, so the ban did little good when China outputs more than the whole world did combined back in the 1970's and 1980's. Even when it is illegal China still uses pollutants they are prohibited from using. China's powerbase currently has little environmentalism slant in government., unlike the EU. Once they know how many trillions can be made from that things will change.

Solutions already exist. This is nothing compared to what could be done! IF we really wanted. And I am not talking about the venus project, that flawed utopian ideal.

City parks could cool urban areas by 4C

Urban parks can offset warming effects of climate change says study
May 14, 2007

Study: Parks Could Offset Global Warming

These solutions have well been known to exist yet we continue to deforest the world when we could plant all of Siberia, African deserts, Antarctica, Antarctic, South America, USA with HEMP! Hemp will grow under all environmental conditions known to this planet and can be harvested for use to make over 87% of all man made things including food, fuel and plastics. Using clean tech. And produces at least 10x -25x more oxygen while converting carbon - CO2.
Disclaimer: all my posts are thought crimes and only IMO in the police state we all live in... UK is history, USA to RESIST?
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