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NEPA 3/6/09+3/7/09 Spraying and Observations

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NEPA 3/6/09+3/7/09 Spraying and Observations PostSun Mar 08, 2009 6:05 am  Reply with quote  

After the warm front came through in the early AM with light sprinkles,there was MAJOR CT bombardment with HAARP'ing on 3/6/09.Warm with temps in the high 50's.The morning started out with a Marine looking layer of chemtrail greyout,if that makes sense to you.After that burned off(?),the sun then came out,as did the "Sky Spiders".They were at it all day with spraying,mostly the miles long straight trails at the dual High/Low altitudes.They wouldn't quite let it get to whiteout conditions,stopping just short of that to allow "Filtered Sunshine".At the cease of operations near dusk,I would say it reached whiteout for a short time.There was a heavy HARRP'd/burnt chemical smell in the air.I would say it was Fertilizer/Snomax flavor.I spent a short time outside during the day,it reminded me of being inside a auto body shop paintbooth.Overnight,there was a clear,HAARP'd "Intermediate Layer" leftover allowing you to see the cosmos at greatly reduced brightness.

On 3/7/09,the day started out with "Filtered Sunshine",which later turned into grey overcast skies with scattered rain showers throughout the day.Temps very warm in the mid 60's.There were some breaks of sun towards evening.No observed spraying during the day,just the heavy scent of burnt chemicals.Late evening I thought I could sneak out for a walk after the skies cleared(LOL),leaving just the "Intermediate Layer" of HAARP soup.But just as I walked out,those pesky "Sky Spiders" went at it again with quickly blending,light spraying/touch-up work.It was building in from the South to North.Slightly amazed they were so low I could hear their engines,which is a rarity these days.More of the burnt chemical smell that started smelling fresher as I went in.I was getting mixed Fertilizer/Snomax(old) and Maple Syrup(new) scent I think.Sticky-icky,humid feeling outside.The wind was picking up also from the South around 12mph or so.

At the time of writing this,there is a cold front to the North of us in upstate NY producing heavy rain.They seem to be holding it off from reaching our area with artificial high pressure.By the time it does arrive here tommorow afternoon,there will be much less rain than what there would have been otherwise according to the local weather report.It's a so-called "Wiggling" weather front,ROFL.It's mind-boggling all the new adjectives the weathemen have been coming up with recently.

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