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Sesame Street News

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Richard Burgeson


Joined: 12 Jun 2006
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Sesame Street News PostSat Mar 21, 2009 8:53 pm  Reply with quote,2933,395294,00.html

New Jersey on the ball. What's a Dentistry Collage doing with plague rats anyway? At least the escapees are smaller than the last time. I suggest something a little more substantial than chicken wire in the future, or what ever they are using. They have been very quiet about prions lately. Don't hate to break the silence, how much land is effected now? They only talk about the animals. Heard a lady report she got Morgallens from a bird on the radio, wonder were that will go if anywhere. And this live bird flu in a vaccine, well wonderful is all I can say. Growing this virus in human tissue isn't a good idea. All the links are to long so search it, It would yuk up the whole page. Heard some staggering figures for AIDS within the last 2 weeks. We just have a mess going on out there. The bees and bats are effected. Birds and amphibians are in trouble. There is a lot of news that goes unreported that has no sensitivity at all and now they have decided to drag out the terrorist color chart again.

Maybe if Congress quit letting there rich buddies pollute the water supply they could drop the water warning. The things like allowing mountain tops to be blown into valleys for coal mining. The giant slurry spills that have been going on. Heavy metals showing up and no being traced back to there source. There has to be a plating company or something near by. They talk about the oceans rising and water getting scarce. 2 of these things do not go together. Let's talk down to them like the 2 year olds they are. If there is more water, there is more water. The real problem is there is not drinking quality water and it's their fault. They have not been enforcing the clean water act. Matter of fact lobbyist have them chipping away at the law and are gaining ground at it every year. Well that's the news at a glance today.
Today Congressmen and women this message has been brought to you by the number is 911 and the word is sloppy. I hope you have all had a good time today and I'll see you same time same channel tomorrow goodbye.

Think that should do it.
Thomas Jefferson. " Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who don't."
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Joined: 31 Jan 2003
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PostTue Sep 01, 2009 9:11 am  Reply with quote  

The Sesame Street Sign has the 'CTW' (Children's Television Workshop) initials on it. 'CTW' backwards is 'WTC'.

Sesame Street is an anagram of 'Tears seem set'.

So we have:
Tears seem set

'Monsters on the Loose' is an anagram of 'Oh loss! Enter Set's moon'

Tears seem Set

Oh loss! Enter Set's moon.

These guys allegedly worship the God Set, don't they? Since the moon on the book cover looks a bit like an eye, maybe that's Set himself looking down on what's going to happen

Pentagon in Monster's mouth.

EDIT: Even weirder, and slightly more serious...this book is for the month of October 1976. Assuming that's October 1, 1976, do you want to guess how many days it was until 911?


Paradigms of Vigilance.
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