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CHEMTRAILS: WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT THEM PostSun Sep 06, 2009 2:55 am  Reply with quote  


Grandfather through Robert Shapiro
Sedona Journal of Emergence, August 2009 issue, pages 2-3

9 June 2009

All right. This is Grandfather. Now, weíre going to do something brief for the magazine: chemtrails. But not who did what to whom, none of that stuff. The important thing for you all now in regard to the ever-growing concern about chemtrails, and generally speaking about anything for which you might have in the past either been interested in or even participated in, is blaming. Blaming leads, generally, to some kind of strife or at the very least, internal conflict. And we really cannot condone that anymore. We can understand it. Everyone can understand that, all right.

But history is too much about conflicts that were seen to be very justified by whoever is writing it. And Iím not trying to dispute their justifications. What I am saying is if there is something that needs to be corrected, first letís begin with the correction. And then later if you want to analyze it in historical circles, go ahead, but not for the purpose of perpetuating conflict. Thereís too much of that.

So now those of you out there who want something to do about chemtrails, or who are ready to do something about chemtrails, Iím going to suggest this: I recommend that you go out on the land if you possibly can. But if you cannot for any good reason, or any reason, then ask for all the most benevolent energies that are available for you to be all around you and all about you, and wait. And if you feel some energy, go ahead. If you donít, then just wait about thirty seconds. Then say:

Living Prayer

ďI am asking that all those substances, biologicals and other that make up the constitution of chemtrails now mutate and transform into something that is benign and safe for human beings and all beings. And that this happen now in the most benevolent way.Ē

If you are out on the land, after you say that, then move off the place you were on, just stand about five feet away and you can go on about your business. But if you are at home or someplace where you canít easily get around or get away from that spot, then try to put a little distance between yourself and that spot. Not because there is any harm or anything to worry about, but because it will allow the energy to permeate the place you were in. If even a hundred people do this, it will help.

Most importantly, it will give you something that all the blaming in the world cannot give you. And that will be, that it will give you a sense of being personally involved in the transformation of that which may be harmful to some individuals--and by individuals, I include non-humans as well. Iím not going to talk about whoís doing what to whom here because this thing that Iím giving for chemtrails, as theyíve been called, can apply to other situations.

Adapt the Living Prayer to Other Situations

Perhaps there will be some malady that is being experienced. If so, you can easily adapt that same living prayer, using the same arrangements with the energy, and so on, and say something along those lines. But instead of specifically stating it along the lines of chemtrails, you can say whatever organism is involved, then you go on and say the rest of it. Consider also that this can be adapted as well to other circumstances. I donít want to discourage your own creativity, but I will just say one circumstance.

Suppose you are ready to go out for a nice walk, and you notice before you get to the door that thereís some uncomfortable feeling. And you walk over to the window, you look out and you get that uncomfortable feeling again. Then you walk back a few paces and you feel all right. This might mean that thereís a lot of tension outside. Not coming from you and not necessarily coming from anybody you know. But it could be, in general, that thereís a lot of tension, and people are worried and nervous about this or that. You donít need to know what about. If you know what about, thatís fine. But you donít need to know. Again, you can use this same arrangement. Ask for the energy to be with you thatís most benevolent for you as stated before, and then say something like this:

Living Prayer

ďIím asking that all of those tensions and feelings, unexpressed and unresolved in human beings, now transform in the most benevolent way to feelings that are benign relaxed and comfortable. And that this result in the most benevolent outcome for all beings.Ē

Then in case you need to go for a walk, you wait maybe a half hour or an hour, and if it starts to feel better, then maybe you go out for your walk, like that.

Youíre in a Position Now to Help Re-Create Your World

I want you to start thinking not in terms of who did what to whom, but what can I do about it now? If you can take other actions that will help in resolution, thatís fine, but also try to do this. Youíre in a position now to truly participate in the re-creation of this world. Itís not your job, any individual, eh, to do everything, but you can make a contribution along these lines.

Iíll give you one last thing along these lines in this brief article today. You could also, if youíre so inclined, say, thereís been tension and upset in the house where you live. Maybe itís with a family member. Maybe itís with many people or in your own neighborhood for some reason. Perhaps thereís been some upset, or some local tragedy and people are disturbed. You donít want to take their feelings away from them because they need to process through whatever they are going through. But if you feel itís too much, too intense--and people are too edgy in your family or in your immediate environment--you can say, after you ask for the most benevolent energies to be all around and about you, you can then say: ďI am asking that all these tensions and upsets that are in my immediate environment calm now, in the most benevolent way for all beings.Ē And relax.

You would have done what you can do, perhaps you have done other things, but this will be another thing you can do. Some of you will feel a significant amount of energy that comes up while you are saying some of these words. And always say these living prayers out loud if you can, or at least whisper. If that good energy feeling comes up, pause for a moment. And then you can continue on when the energy fades. If youíre done saying the living prayer and the energy comes up, pause and remain as still as possible until the energy fades. You can breathe of course. When the energy fades, you can get up and go on with your life. Thatís what I recommend.

Letís remember to be solution oriented so we donít get stuck in the past and get upset by whatís going on in the world before. This doesnít mean that you donít do what you can to bring about resolution in some benevolent way about some longstanding issue or problem. But in these times of creativity and re-creation, you might just be able to contribute in such a way as solution would be the immediate goal, not analysis, blame, and then, ďof yeahĒ solution. Solve it first.

If the fire department were to approach putting out fires in a ,ĒNow what shall we do about it, and whoís at fault? manner, those fires would rage on. Itís not that they ignore ďHow did this fire startĒ? but they put the fire out first. Solution first, then afterwards you can try to figure out what caused it. Try to remember: solution first. Good life.

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