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Full-Body Scanners to Fry Travelers With Radiation (+ video)

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Joined: 16 Jul 2000
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Full-Body Scanners to Fry Travelers With Radiation (+ video) PostMon Jan 04, 2010 5:26 am  Reply with quote  

Full-Body Scanners to Fry Travelers With Radiation (with video and comments)
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Joined: 16 Jul 2000
Posts: 5393
Cancer Danger In Airport 'Backscatter' X-Ray Machines PostSat Jan 09, 2010 3:54 am  Reply with quote  

Cancer Danger In Airport ‘Backscatter’ X-Ray Machines

Airport Backscatter x-ray machines, sometimes called “virtual strip searches” for their ability to allow security men to see beneath people’s clothing, are setting the stage for a future epidemic of cancer. Thus far, news coverage has focused almost exclusively around the more emotionally charged, privacy concerns. But the looming issue is whether repeated bombardment with radiation is “planting the seeds” of disease.

In light of the abundance of evidence attesting to radiation’s proven dangers, it is unfathomable that any competent, unbiased doctor could take the position that x-rays do not pose a menace to all living cells through which they pass, leaving behind a painful and costly trail of destruction.

Drawing on sources like The Mayo Clinic and The Radiological Society of North America as well as interviews with prominent radiologists, molecular biologists, and medical doctors, ionizing (penetrating) radiation in any dose, no matter how tiny, causes genetic mutations, which set all living cells exposed on the path to cancer. X-rays are considered ionizing radiation.

However, the manufacturer of the new Backscatter machines, currently being piloted at several airports, along with the FDA have given assurances of the device’s “complete safety” for everyone. It is undisputed within scientific circles that even a single x-ray increases a three-month-old’s chances of developing cancer in later life by at least 10 times, and yet they have plowed ahead approving up to 5000 backscatter images per person, per year. It’s unconscionable.

Predictably, the product’s manufacturer spins out the usual half-truths, citing “very low level of x-rays’” and boasting the opinion, packaged to appear as fact, that, “The system is completely safe for all persons…” Back peddling authorities are now trying to appease the public by saying everyone will be allowed to opt out. Maybe, for now.

Also a risk are other non-medical uses of radiation, including pre-employment, dental and chiropractic x-rays, newly developed “Silent Guardian” microwave crowd control devices and even police radar beams pointed at drivers that might contribute to cataracts.

Lives get cut short and people die totally avoidable, agonizing deaths, long before their time, just so doctors can pay off their “investment’ in an office x-ray suite, or so some entrepreneur who invents a new machine for airports can make a fortune, or so hospital chains and insurance companies can generate a profit, or so a sales rep who sells x-ray machines can collect his commission.

End Excerpt

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Joined: 16 Jul 2000
Posts: 5393
Scanner Technology Boasts 10,000 Times Less Radiation... PostSat Jan 09, 2010 10:43 pm  Reply with quote  

Here is an article stating that full-body X-rays are not harmful. I certainly hope that they are right!

Scanner Technology Boasts 10,000 Times Less Radiation Energy Exposure Than Cell Phones

By Daniel J. DeNoon
WebMD Health NewsReviewed by Louise Chang, MD Jan. 8, 2010 --

Air travelers going through whole-body scanners don't need to worry about radiation from the devices, according to the American College of Radiology.

Two kinds of devices are being deployed:

Millimeter wave technology uses low-level radio waves. Two radio antennas rotate around the body at high speed and generate a 3-D image on a remote monitor. The image looks like a fuzzy photo negative.

Backscatter technology uses extremely weak X-rays used to create a two-sided image. The image looks like a chalk drawing.

The radiology group says a traveler would have to undergo more than a thousand scans in a year to equal one standard chest X-ray.

"The ACR is not aware of any evidence that either of the scanning technologies that the TSA is considering would present significant biological effects for passengers screened," the group says in a statement provided to WebMD.

The Transportation Safety Administration says that millimeter wave technology exposes a passenger to 10,000 times less radiation energy than a cell phone does.

The TSA says a backscatter X-ray scan gives a person as much radiation as he or she would get from two minutes of flying in an airplane at 30,000 feet.
Chemtrails are assaulting the atmosphere and drastically altering the very nature of Earth's ecosystems.
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