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Education and lies in The USA

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Richard Burgeson


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Education and lies in The USA PostSun Mar 07, 2010 9:07 pm  Reply with quote  

Use liquid metal to contain the reaction. Tip to other countries about how to contain the reaction of H3 fuel gotten from the moon and circulated by science news and publications a few years ago. Of course there is a US patent, . You don't just need to know what you are reading you have to understand who the real target audience it's written for is. The only conclusion is they have done it. How else do you get a patent. You have to prove to the patent office it works and how it works. The next simple conclusion is they have been collecting fuel on the moon.

Now for the real subject. Your children hate school. No, you disliked school, you didn't hate it like these kids do. They go learn the lie they are presently teaching and then they come home and tell you so they can feel they are smart and know something you don't. You say that's not right and take them on the internet and show them a completely different story on the subject. Now we got them learning 2 lies. These kids are smart, they don't want anything to do with the school system. They have probably considered shooting you for sending them. They say you aren't involved in the education process as parents. I say they are right, you should have taken the unconstitutional right of the government for picking the curriculum for the schools away from them a long time ago.

I have showed you what these liars are showing you for space pictures. It's time to bring back the old Dick and Jane books. They don't even want these kids to know what their own country looks like. Take a map from an old encylopedia and compare it to the ones in new text books. I think we had ought to go back to Pluto is a planet and until they tell the truth about space ignore the new found crap they claim is up there. After all Hubble was in orbit long before they suddenly found these new additions to our solar system. I doubt their existence. They seek to widen the gap between generations. They don't want families and friends caring about each other. Divided you fall. You lost your family, they grew up and moved and they don't call, they don't write? You can overcome that. It's going to take some work on both sides to toss aside what the government indoctrinated. All you that have your children home yet need to get interested in the education of your children in the exact way the government doesn't want you to. It's a lot easier to right the wrong if it's not fully implemented. And for Gods sakes go out and make friends with your neighbors. Man is a sociable animal. Quit trying to be what you are not. Man is not a sufficient island by himself or herself. Have you heard of thick as thieves? Even the dredges of society know better than that. It won't take long to put this right but, it will take a little effort. Harass these worthless politicians we have. Get after them and make them first tell the truth and second straighten out the school system. Why would I say the school system needs straightened out? What huge indicators do you need? The cream of the crop goes on to college. What's in the news people. Most of them are in trouble with credit cards. They get out of school not even capable of balancing a check book and they are issued credit cards and they don't have educational background to handle money. Look at the drop out rate and the violence against students by the educators. Go on google and look, there are videos. I'm not making any of this up. It's time for the truth and you have to have some real data to pry the truth out.

They say if I need help with science, not likely. I use the data i collect myself and think for myself using scientific method. You show me one of these puts studying Mars with their own data. Another thing using false data in computer models isn't science.

Some time ago I took pictures in a protected watershed. I put in another post the maple seeds still seem to be viable. They sprout, the question is can they grow. Is there so much Barium and Aluminum in the soil that the ground no longer supports life like it should. I'll dig those pictures up to make sure the same area and prospective of it is photographed. Those small trees should be at least ten feet high now. Let's call that working with my own data. Beechnuts are nonexistent I know, I hunt for them ever year because I like to eat a few. Ask turkey hunters if they remember seeing any husks if you don't believe me.
Thomas Jefferson. " Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who don't."
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