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Radio Tracked Chemtrail Pilots V2 No Music - Now Annotated

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Joined: 04 Nov 2009
Posts: 12
Location: Sussex UK
Radio Tracked Chemtrail Pilots V2 No Music - Now Annotated PostThu Dec 03, 2009 7:36 pm  Reply with quote  


Sorting out the Wheat from the Aluminium Chaff!! Version 2 now without Music and Just added Annotations throughout explains Aircraft with links, and possible chemtrail contacts over the radio.
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Joined: 04 Nov 2009
Posts: 12
Location: Sussex UK
The drama continues PostSun Dec 06, 2009 9:43 am  Reply with quote  

Just bumping so you good people will know its been updated, I have a part 2 in the can also. So little time.. I am also blocked from answering certain peoples comments on my own video.

If more people use my technique they will be able to catch these pilots red handed. You just need a basic Airband Scanner 65 - 85 on Ebay and a list of known frequencies a budget cam and a cheap tripod and away you go, even if you cant attach the audio from the radio to the camera just have it comin out the speaker near the camera it will pick up fine.

I would love it if anyone hear uses AirNav and I could email or call them with info they could cross reference. Please message me privately if you do.
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Joined: 04 Nov 2009
Posts: 12
Location: Sussex UK
4 New Videos and 2 New Techniques. PostSun Mar 14, 2010 3:31 am  Reply with quote  

Right let me explain about the grief I got off some of the so called airline "experts" when I posted that video, I admit I made a mistake calleing it "Radio Tracked" chemtrail pilots, as 95% of the radio chatter was NOT chemtrail related although the sky was full of them! , that dosnt stop the technique from working!, in fact by keeping my cool and being polite I was able to learn alot about where I need to be listening on the airbands and a few other things, all legally of course. and I've been learning all the Flying Terms and Acronyms, it helps that I have been a 2 way radio comms hobbiest for 20 odd years, Since posting the video I and many others got Locked out of their Youtube Channels, i've been locked out since that post.
Soo I have been unable to defend myself in the comments as I know the technique works, my backup channel is here please Subscribe!
4 new videos posted. All new Tracking Techniques!! 5* from Tanker Enemy

New Crucial Techniques for accurately assesing Chemtrails!

1. Cloud Base Altitude!! Now the Met Office wont display this but your Local Weather Center might! There are thousands of weather fanatics out there with professional weather stations of their own. I use its fantastic! It shows Cloud Base Altitude, and I campare it with another site that dose the same for accuracy, so lets say my Cloud Base is 3,800ft Above Sea Level,
2. My Photography Spot (as High up as possible like a local hilltop) is 600ft Above Sea Level,
3. Landmarks are very usefull like Sky Scrapers Church Steaples, get the leight of well known tall biuldings in your town or city, I happen to know the height of our Local 2 big blocks are 300ft Above Sea Level. So when I aim my Camera Down from the Hill at the blocks I can see the Chemtrails either just below or just above the cloudbase it dosnt matter as I can see they are well below 10,000ft!! and the photography backs it up!, EVEN if the Chemtrials are just above a CloudBase of 4,000ft its not rocket science to workout with all the maths we have like the view of the distance between the floor and the cloudbase, we can add that distance above the cloudbase in this case it'll be 8,000ft in totall well above or level with the Chemtrails, and WELL below 25,000FT!! well below 33.000ft!! all these Experts tell me CONtrails can't be formed below 25,000 to 33,000ft,
4. Use GPS and or GoogleEarth to get your Altitude from your vantage point when taking pictures.

my twitter is "ChemtrialsUK" please follow for LIVE updates. See this picture I made on my mobile 2 days after the horrific chemtrials to show what I mean.

PLease watch my latest 4 videos, Shows how I track pilots making what looks like pointless routes using APRS used by radio amateurs.
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Joined: 31 Jul 2005
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PostSun Mar 14, 2010 3:58 am  Reply with quote  

Link is not working.
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