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IPCC scientist: We've entered 30 years of global cooling

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IPCC scientist: We've entered 30 years of global cooling PostSat Mar 27, 2010 12:24 am  Reply with quote  

IPCC scientist: We've entered 30 years of global cooling

Headline Earth
Fri, 26 Mar 2010 09:34 EDT

According to IPCC scientist Mojib Latif the weather we've seen marks the beginning of a "mini-ice age".
He claims that ocean currents have more to do with the trend than man-made greenhouse gas emmissions.

One of the now famous IPCC scientists now claims he has evidense that it's gonna freeze the s@$^ out of everything for the next 30 years...!!! Shocked Shocked

Now we have to start all over again...
I suggest that maybe we have to feed to the limit ALL the Dutch cows, start eating Beans like there's no tomorrow,
or ...better maybe we all have to go out and ...dry a few of our oceans that are responsible for this new catastrophe...
We ain't gonna boil, we 're gonna freeze to death!
30 whole years...
Damn... I hate cold! I really do...!!!

But..., wait a minute here..., man-made greenhouse gas emmissions are supposed to cause warming right...? or, ...maybe cooling...?
Warming or cooling...? Is he confused or am I...???
Naah, I am!!!
What the heck...
It's from an IPCC scientist..., it can't be wrong...!

Bye-Bye Global Warming... Sad ... Crying or Very sad
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