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FULFORD: Illuminati summit set for Vienna: Rothschild source

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FULFORD: Illuminati summit set for Vienna: Rothschild source PostThu Sep 30, 2010 10:50 pm  Reply with quote

BENJAMIN FULFORD: Illuminati summit meeting set for Vienna in coming weeks: Rothschild source

September 29, 2010

According to a source in the Rothschild family, there will be a summit meeting of princes and other high nobility in Vienna sometime “within the next few weeks.” Although very few details of the purpose of this new Congress of Vienna are now available, it is most likely the meeting of the world’s royal families is aimed at finding a strategy to deal with the awakening of humanity to the existence of their once secret control grid. This group of people lies above the high-level servants who they send as proxies to such gatherings as the annual Bilderberg meetings. Hopefully, advance publicity will not lead to a cancellation of this meeting since the people of the world would really like to hear what their “royalty” have to say about the present global (i.e. Western) “financial crisis.”
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