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Fed will spend $600B in latest bid to help economy

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Fed will spend $600B in latest bid to help economy PostThu Nov 04, 2010 4:52 am  Reply with quote  

Fed will spend $600B in latest bid to help economy

WASHINGTON The Federal Reserve will sink $600 billion into government bonds in a bold plan that it hopes will drive interest rates even lower than they already are and start the chain reaction that finally creates jobs and invigorates the economy.

The writer Casper's comments about the Federal Reserve printing new funny money:

* Lets see now, The Fed creates money from thin air by the Trillions, uses it to buy troubled Real Estate Debt from the Banks, the Banks put the funds back into the Treasury/Fed at guaranteed interest rates. Can you spell Ponzi Carousel? Who ends up owning America? The owners of the Fed who bought it with thin air money. Neat trick huh? And the funds they use to buy our country are not even 'Legal Tender' any longer-since 1982- (see recent update from "S"). Their 'script' has no more 'value' than your IOU written on a napkin but their Banks accept it and sell 'Real Property' to them in return for it. "A Financial Terrorist Network" says mainstream financial publications.
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