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Sore Throat

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Radiation Network PostSun Jun 12, 2011 6:26 pm  Reply with quote  

This site provides real-time measurements of radiation levels throughout the United States and Europe and Japan.

Radiation Network

It is clear that the situation at the Fukishima nuclear plants in Japan is far, FAR worse than has generally been reported in the mainstream media. It is not surprising that the US Environmental Protect Agency is limiting its monitoring radiation levels in the US.

Fukushima ‘More Than 50 Chernobyl’s, EPA Renews Monitoring Fukushima Related Radiation Levels

"On May 3, 2011, the EPA announced they would no longer monitor in the US radiation levels related to Fukushima."

Fukushima radiation found in California milk, fruit, vegetables

"Authorities in the U.S. insist that there is no danger to public health or the environment from the Fukushima nuclear crisis, and that levels of radiation that have been detected in water, air, soil and food in North America since the accident are in such minuscule quantities as to present little to no danger. EPA discontinued its Fukushima radiation monitoring efforts, and FDA says there is no danger to our food or seafood and therefore testing is not necessary. There have been no calls since the accident for heightened nuclear safety inspections or to upgrade or decommission aging nuclear power plants in the U.S."

#Fukushima Marine Contamination: US's Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole Massachusetts Surveying Ocean Off Fukushima

Kyodo News Japanese reports that the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole, Massachusetts has started the survey off the coast of Fukushima to study the extent of radiation contamination in the marine environment. No information in the Kyodo article as to since when the MBL has been doing the survey.

The MBL, according to Arnie Gundersen during the interview with Chris Martenson the other day, has said that "the ocean has ten times more radiation from Fukushima than the Black Sea did from Chernobyl."
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