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"Toxic Skies" - Hollywood Does Chemtrails

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Sore Throat

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"Toxic Skies" - Hollywood Does Chemtrails PostMon Feb 18, 2013 9:58 pm  Reply with quote

I don't expect widespread distribution of this C-grade movie (OK, I'm being generous).

Nevertheless, it was interesting to see "Ba" on the whiteboard a decade after samples of a discarded jet air filter were analyzed and showed extremely high levels of BARIUM.

Let me remember my high school chemistry.

Metallic barium stored in kerosine to prevent oxidation.

Released in a high temperature combustion process.

Any reactive halogens around (chlorine, bromine) and you have a salt that will wash out from the atmosphere. Nice if you are dealing with a catalyst that depletes the very essential protective ozone layer of the atmosphere.

No available halogens? ...well then you have barium oxide, highly reflective.

It's been said that if we reflect just 1-2% of the incident solar radiation back into space we can compensate for all the CO2 induced global warming.

And the coal and oil industries can keep selling their products at ever increasing profits (filled your gas tank lately?)

Of course, that doesn't really do anything for our increasingly acidic oceans and the resulting impact on marine life.

Ever calculated how important plankton is to both the marine food chain, and oh yes, the global oxygen supply?

But then there is always the fallback for terrestrial the Amazon rain forest.

A decade and a half later and the beat goes on.

We live with so many many lies...

At one point I was hopeful that a new administration would truly be as audacious as advertised.

That there would be a new, honest, investigation of 9/11, the pretense for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that cost millions of lives and trillions of dollars.

That there would be an honest revelation about what was going on above our heads, to the air that we must breathe.

But no, that would be way too disruptive to the fragile stability of "The System".

Don't expect will be disappointed.
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