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Strange new disease/fiber/filaments

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Joined: 17 Jan 2001
Posts: 123
Location: Gastonia,NC USA
Strange new disease/fiber/filaments PostWed Nov 06, 2002 9:49 pm  Reply with quote  

CHECK this out and don't miss the pics...remember all the
strange "clear" visible in ultraviolet light filaments so many were
reporting.....well read this~~ incredible~~~.....hope all are
well...blessings T ~~ don't miss the pics~~~~

Fair use cited:

The Morgellons Filariasis Research Foundation is a nonprofit
organization founded for the purpose of funding basic research into
the etiology of an increasingly prevalent skin disease of unknown
origin. The greatest number of reports of this disease to our
foundation, have come from California and Chicago.

This skin disease is believed to be caused by an organism which has
been difficult to identify. We are attempting to isolate this
organism and determine how it is able to cause the intense itching,
stinging and disfiguring skin lesions which are the main symptoms of
this disease.

The most striking feature of this disease is the presence of fiber-
like objects as well as clear filament-like objects of unknown
origin, on or within skin lesions. Many people report that they have
observed true movement of the clear filaments. The members of our
foundation are clear in their conviction that the clear filaments and
various fiber-like objects are the major clues to the cause of this
skin disease.

Our foundation realizes that many of the symptoms of this disease are
common to other skin conditions, but these symptoms in association
with the filaments and fibers, are what we feel constitute the
uniqueness of this disease.

The working hypothesis of our foundation is that this disease
represents an emerging human filariasis in the U.S. We have contacted
the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta to share preliminary
information and have offered to assist them in any way possible.

Since human microfilarial infections are uncommon in the U.S., our
foundation has many unanswered questions about the source of the
disease, if our hypothesis is correct.

What are the additional symptoms and physical findings of this
In addition to the above symptoms, unexplained hairloss is seen in a
segment of our members, as well as a hardening or thickening of skin.
Many people report lymphedema and fatigue. Objects described as
granules are often found associated with skin lesions as well.
Several people have had lymph nodes surgically removed due to

Some of the symptoms and physical findings of this disease are very
unusual and may lead physicians to assume that the patient is
misinterpreting their situation. Many adults with the skin symptoms
of this disease, have received a diagnosis of Delusional Parasitosis.
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Joined: 16 Jul 2000
Posts: 5389
PostWed Nov 06, 2002 11:19 pm  Reply with quote  

My letter to Morgellons


SUBJECT: Possible Relationship Between Chemtrail Spraying and the Disease, Filariasis

How much do you think the ongoing (for a number of years now) massive chemtrail spraying throughout this country (and numerous other countries) has to do with the disease, filariasis?

See Chemtrail Central for chemtrail postings ( ) or Chem Trail Tracking USA ( ), for just two web sites in which chemtrail activity is posted.


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Joined: 22 Apr 2001
Posts: 596
Location: Central Washington
PostThu Nov 07, 2002 4:18 am  Reply with quote  

Quite a few months back I posted a thread titled School Kids have pschosomatic rash. Someone came on and posted some interesting information about this new disease. He called it Elliot's disease. Here's what he had to say about it.

New Member
posted 07-30-2002 11:55 PM

I don't want to alarm anyone, but there is a serious skin disease spreading that appears to be caused by parasites. Thousands of people have reported this to the CDC over the last few years, but they keep ignoring us. And of course, they use the regular story to keep this covered up....we're crazy. I don't know if you or your kids have this, but be aware that it does exist and avoid any contact that is not necessary. I am the only one in my family affected, wife and kids are asymptomatic. Also, remember that many serious diseases, like Lyme's Disease, starts with a rash that goes away quickly. Please visit the following web sites to learn more about this disease and to see if you might be affected. One thing I do know for a result of illegal immigration and globalization, parasites are an unchecked epidemic in the U.S. An easy way to check yourself is to eat some pumpkin seeds and see what comes out with them. Please don't mention this to your kids, as it will scare them. It scares me too. ID8&conf=DCConfID2

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Joined: 17 Jan 2001
Posts: 123
Location: Gastonia,NC USA
PostThu Nov 07, 2002 1:52 pm  Reply with quote  

Thank you for the is some more info...and guess what is mentioned~ mycoplasma incognitus~~~

from the comfortzone page~

>>> some instances all members of a family manifest symptoms. In other instances only one person appears to be affected.

Some people report the onset of symptoms following water damage within their home. Others report the onset after they've had mulch or soil delivered or as a result of gardening. Still others believe the disease is transmitted by animals. Some of us have been tested for Gulf War Illness and have tested positive for ~~~Mycoplasma Fermentans (Incognitis)~~~~ through Dr. Garth Nicolson's Lab in Huntington Beach, California.

Many of us who suffer this desease have been in touch with Government Health Organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institute of Health. It is our hope that each person experiencing symptoms of Elliot's Disease will join us in our effort to raise awareness of the reality of this disease. Let's all join in a cooperative effort to be heard, diagnosed, treated and healed.
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Joined: 17 Jan 2001
Posts: 123
Location: Gastonia,NC USA
PostThu Nov 14, 2002 11:56 pm  Reply with quote  

I contacted the researchers on the site and asked if
they were referring to morgellons as the disease they are researching
or a new type of skin disease, since there seems to be some confusion that this new disease is an old is their response...blessings T
(they have also confirmed the fibrils do fluoresce in uv light)..

reply to my email~
We only used the name Morgellons, since the hair-like things they
described as coming from the skin, sounded and looked similar to what
we have seen with this "new" and unknown skin disease.

We are basically just trying to figure out this "new" skin disease
with the fibers, unknown itching and which also seems to be resistant
to traditional treatments.

I am working in an imaging lab now to see this up close, since light
microscopes gives an incomplete picture of this thing. The Drs have
all said the fibers are from clothing, and they couldn't be more

Best wishes
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Joined: 23 Nov 2002
Posts: 23
Location: rougue valley oregon
PostSat Nov 23, 2002 1:53 pm  Reply with quote  

I live in the southern Oregon area which was most recently hit with chem planes earlier this week and last weekend (day and night). Then it got cold and cloudy around wednesday morning. A noticeable shift from the 60+ days we had (during the chem days) which were forcast to last pretty much all week.I guess it is almost Winter. And any way the clouds do look stunning, and the thick fog that drops at night as the skies seem to somewhat clear...neat. Any way, I was out doing some photography on the heaviest days which were monday and tuesday. (chem skies really add that artistic touch to nature and landscape photos Wednesday I noticed A few tiny paper size nicks and cuts on my hand, Which I some times get doing my usual task of handy work. They seemed to feel a little infected. Even though I had thoroughly washed theese little "boo boos" earlier they did appear to be a little unclean still. I went to scrub the lesions again and noticed they really hurt for their size. Felt like a nasty Redwood splinter that was overlooked so I got my neddle point tweezers and attempted to pull out the super tiny black "splinters." It hurt a little but for sure this time I thought I had removed all of the "splinter fragments." I happened to notice a couple of super tiny hairs in the wounds (fibrils..?) and began thinking of the chemtrail forums I had been following the last few months. No way! I thought. A little later and again my lesions start really hurting. This time I was determined to root out the "splinters" that must be buried and were causing quite a little pain for their size. This time I got a magnifying glass and realized I had missed something deeper. I began to try and remove it and as I approached it very closely with the tweezers and magnifying glass it seemed to literally swim from below the surface of my skin and out of the cut like a 1.5mm magnetic pollywog. Coaxed out of its home by the metal point of the tweezers Where it stuck head first......chills.... I need to buy a microsope but under a magnifying glass this thing looked like, for lack of a better description, a metallic? sperm cell. A couple of 2.5mm long,super thin hairs,(also seemed magnetic) attached to a tiny ball shaped "head" All apperead to be metallic at fist. This not just an average metal splinter. I observed it for a while poked it with a needle and noticed it was becoming really fragile. the hairs which comprized the tail eventually appeared to "pulverize" when I touched them breaking into super duper small particles that seemed really fine like insence dust. and disapeared, as insence dust does a sort of tiny ...stain...?...that can be brushed away, or just plain dissapears on its own. "head eventually did the same a after another couple minutes. Found some more super tiny lesions that I thiught were healed but I noticed some black under scars. I ended up pulling another "magno sperm out of the back of my thumb, And several other classic (it would seem) Fibril anomolies out of my fingers so far. I can't believe this is real. Although....I have been saying that every day for a couple of years now...........
I begin to fall
Into a blissful abyss
Of reacuring reality
paradigm shifts.

yes, dillusional indeed
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Joined: 17 Jan 2001
Posts: 123
Location: Gastonia,NC USA
PostSun Nov 24, 2002 6:59 pm  Reply with quote  

Thank you so much for your replies, please keep us posted on any other developments you notice. We now have the "strange rash" outbreak in one of the schools in our area. My daughter developed a weird "sore" type thing on her knee but that was before I was aware to examine it for any fiber material...I will post any other info I find or receive...blessings T
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Joined: 17 Jan 2001
Posts: 123
Location: Gastonia,NC USA
PostMon Nov 25, 2002 1:39 am  Reply with quote  

Crosslinking this thread for web/filament background info~ blessings T
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Joined: 23 Nov 2002
Posts: 23
Location: rougue valley oregon
PostMon Nov 25, 2002 5:23 am  Reply with quote  

I understand what your daughter and you must be experiencing and I want to deeply thank you for being the first person(other than my girlfriend....sort of) to validate,at the very least, a possibility of this infection being what I say it is. I was dreading being "shot down" for my first post.
My experience with this, I'm sorry, f@#$% up infection, originally began after building some furniture out of wood that had been stored in a friends yard in Ashland OR for a couple of months (July to October) I Wasn't educated yet (by chemtrils video) of trails then so can't comment on their role. From what I've observed since aware, I'm sure there was more than one chem day/night in that time frame that had skies over Ashland "swimming" with anomolies. I thought it was a several magnetic splinters from the driver bits I had changed and used, that day. Nothing I did and none of the tools I used that day were new. Only the experience of that level of pain and persistence caused by a"splinter" were new. After removing splinters and disinfecting, and of course covering well with sterile bandages, more tiny splinters/whatevers kept surfacing. When finally healed (I guess?)the scars were calloused dry and relatively large for a splinter.(All painful infections like this for me so far have been in fingers, not just the tips). It took persistance accompanied by Pain (Freaking nightmarish)to push all "splinters" out (I hope) and have wound finally silence itself. Fibril hair/creature?/webstrand discoveries are more recent, and widespread(discovering them on many things lately)Their nature and the implications there of, coupled with my limited knowledge, truly make me curious, disgusted, yes...scared, and finally doubting the reality of any of this . I'm finding my mind is not going very willingly into this. It's too weird, even for me. But I'll continue to collect any evidence or information I can that will help me disprove/prove to myself that
I feel that this is something getting and still needing serious investigation. What gives me pause in posting is my lack of scientific knowledge and capablities to make effective observations that lead to any "solid" conclusions.
Having said that. I will only post with intent of honesty and sharing information , based on what I perceive as real observations and only desire that we the people be told the truth....
For a change
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Joined: 25 Nov 2002
Posts: 5
Location: Dallas TX USA
PostMon Nov 25, 2002 7:52 pm  Reply with quote  

Your daughter has had a case of Recalcitrant Plebny. Although there is no known cure for this disease, it usually dissappears after several hours. I suggest keeping her away from sweets and lollipops for a while.

Remember People ins Dutch, fly KLM

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Joined: 15 Jan 2003
Posts: 1
PostWed Jan 15, 2003 1:29 pm  Reply with quote  

a few months ago while living in central oregon, which gets extra heavy spray days, I went into the garage to find everything had been covered with a fine white dust. Upon closer inspection I noticed that it looked like a crystaline type substance. This occurred on an extremely heavy spray day that had a light breeze. The crystals were rod shaped, and were all the exact same size in length. That is when I was convinced that chemtrails contain something toxic that needs to be further examined. I didn't dare touch any of the stuff.

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Joined: 22 Dec 2000
Posts: 2501
Location: right here
PostThu Jan 16, 2003 12:25 am  Reply with quote  

>>The crystals were rod shaped, and were all the exact same size in length.<<

Very interesting spacemonkey...what size were they?

This taken from My Chemtrail Diary--

It started lightly snowing today at about 11:10 AM. The snow was landing on my black nylon jacket and black nylon purse so I had a good look at this white snow. Each *flake* was identical: they were all the size and shape of this dash - with perfectly straight edges. After about six seconds they *melted* but virtually no moisture was left behind. I have NEVER seen snow that looks like this. What laboratory did it come from? DOOM LAB?"

Thermit made an interesting comment on this unusual snow "Sounds like maybe it was sublimating, going from solid directly to a vapor." found here...

Good thing you didn't touch the powder residue with bare hands...but did you collect a sample at all?

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