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The herd is back overhead/ new toys!

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The herd is back overhead/ new toys! PostTue May 15, 2001 2:56 pm  Reply with quote  

They are doing hit and miss,crazy straight up or down spraying today almost as if an after thought on their way to wherever this group keeps going(south).Only today we have new toys in the mix. Yesterday it was the AWAX plane, today it was two new toys...A plane that is unbelievable: a day glo orange or else its a shiney NEW copper color.Very strange indeed. The second was a white plane but this one had what looked like a box on either side of the back body between the wings and the tail??? Many going over doing strange out of the ordinary routines these last couple of days...Hummmmm???????????
Been watching as two planes rode side by side and from time to time would cross over their lines giving that spiral effect...Was watching closely when out to my left I spied a third plane and watched as it went along tossing out some objects into the cloud it was going over...Saw two thrown out! Trying to still match clouds with activity here.
Take notes for yourselves.
Think of this scenario please...Those things being tossed out may be this as the sky is now white haze in the short time it took me to update before(QUICKLY)!!!
Take close note of the ingredients of this smoke.Talk about ozone eating s**t my god.If they drop this alot all of us are doomed.The
Polyvinyalchloride(PVC)is very TOXIC!I wonder if the plane with the boxes between wings and tail are doing the releasing of the objects in question.......
The planes going over sometimes show no trails at all yet minutes later when normal looking white puff clouds blow through the area where the plane had been,the clouds begin to come apart into a fine misty effect....
EVEN MORE INTERESTING as it pertains to radiation,aluminum particles etc!!! read it!!

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