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TIMELINE 2003: A Message from Sanat Kumara, Parts 1 and 2

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TIMELINE 2003: A Message from Sanat Kumara, Parts 1 and 2 PostFri Nov 08, 2002 10:08 am  Reply with quote  

TIMELINE 2003: A Message from Sanat Kumara
By Jelaila Starr
written October 18, 2002

It’s 2:22 am on October 16, 2002. I wake from a very vivid, very clear and disturbing dream. It’s not just another vivid dream, it’s a downloaded packet of information that I need to write about. At the time I don’t know who has sent it only that I need to write it up. I lay awake thinking about it, feeling the pain in my heart chakra, still so intense.

It’s some time in 2003. I am a ball of consciousness observing the events on Earth. There is talk in the media about short-term memory loss that has grown to epidemic proportions. Some speculate that it is being caused by solar flare activity, others by the increase in genetically engineered food. Regardless of the reason, it is causing massive problems in many areas. What was once considered funny and the source of numerous jokes and main themes of TV sitcoms is no longer so. People are literally going crazy from the emotional turmoil and stress. Drug stores, which have seemingly sprung up in record numbers on street corners in every city and town in America, are experiencing record sales in Prozac and other drugs used to medicate and calm the stressed-out population.

I am shown what is causing the memory loss; it is the ELF waves, (wave of extremely low electromagnetic radiation) in which the population is being immersed. These ELF waves that are set to alter the brain in such a way as to disrupt its ability to move memory from short term to long term and the effect is devastating. I see a large tower and antennae in a remote location whose beam is being directed into each town by smaller towers. I recognize this technology as scalar wave technology and this is the HAARP project. Amazingly the experts won’t reveal this to the people and they are too drugged and distracted to figure it out for themselves.

Scene change:

I see TV moguls and the owners of large stores meeting with men in black suits. They are promised great wealth if they go along with the “plan.” The “plan” is to use TV advertising to distract the population and put them in perpetual financial debt. They turn up the HAARP machine, stress the people to the breaking point by causing them to temporarily lose their short-term memory, and when they are ready to break they beam a message to them that they need to watch TV and a certain ad. This ad tells them what they must consume next. I watch as people, like programmed robots, mindlessly converge on the store selling that item. I recall a scene some years ago at Christmas time when parents nearly fought each other to get a Cabbage Patch doll for their child. But this is far worse. The people have small microchips in their forearms that make it convenient for them to purchase the desired item. They have willingly accepted this chip because it not only makes it easier for them to purchase goods and services, it enables them to locate their lost children, find their car and remember who they are –- problems that have reached epidemic proportion. And to medicate the guilt and shame that accompany losing a child you forgot to pick up at school or that car you simply don’t recall parking, they are prescribed copious amounts of high potency drugs. The war on drugs is over because the most powerful ones are now legal and as easy to obtain as candy. Everyone is taking the drugs for memory loss because the drugs keep them emotionally calm. In fact, if you’re not on drugs you’re considered a threat to society. End of dream segment.

New dream segment:

I am watching a plane take off from a military base in the US headed for a distant location on the other side of the world. It lands in what appears to be the biggest high-rise office building I have ever seen. Several regiments of soldiers walk down the ramp at the back of the plane. There is much flashing of camera bulbs from the reporters. This is a major event being shown in every country in the world.

The last to deplane are the military officers. There is much pomp and ceremony. Each wears the insignia of a branch of the military. There are 6 that I can see. As each general steps forward the name of his branch is called the crowd cheers. Then much to my surprise a 7th general steps out of the plane. He is wearing a navy blue swastika on his uniform. They announce him as the general of the 4th Reich! I am so horrified that for a moment I cannot breathe. I realize what this means. Nazi Germany has risen again… and it will be worse than ever before! I close my eyes trying to shut out this vision. I don’t want this to be real, but it is.

The young soldiers are cheering this news. I look more closely at them, suspicious as to why they would welcome such a thing. I peer at their faces and see that their expressions are somehow unnatural. They act like the Chatty Cathy doll I had as a child. You pull her string and she talks. I quickly understand that they are all in some kind of mild hypnotic trance. These young men have been brainwashed. I’m told to look closely at their uniforms. I discover that each has been injured in some way. Some have broken arms and others have broken legs. They received these injuries during a prior military engagement and each was brainwashed while in the military hospital. I marvel at the clever way their uniforms were designed to conceal their broken bodies. These boys are no more than 18 or 19 years old.

Once again my attention is directed to the plane. I notice that it has a large cloth covering it. They remove the cloth with a grand sweep to reveal the symbols of the new 4th Reich painted all over it. I look back at the ecstatically cheering soldiers while a voice comes over the loud speaker, telling us about the plan they have devised. It will entail a battle in which these young boys will fight. They will have media coverage of the entire event. Unbeknownst to the naïve public, each boy will die in this battle. The unsuspecting parents will witness the horror and pain of their son’s death on their TV screens. It is such a bizarre and cruel plan that my mind recoils from the thought of it. This battle has been planned to incite the population to a frenzy of anger and revenge, calling for the Fourth Reich to exact justice and stop the brutality that has been ongoing for some time. The 4th Reich is given all the power that they need to crush the enemy once and for all, an enemy the 4th Reich has created, funded and trained for this purpose.

My attention is directed again to the plane. They are turning it to move it out into the hall. As they move the plane it crushes anyone in the way but the men don’t seem to care. Just as the nose of the plane reaches the hallway (this room is at the end of a long hallway in this gigantic building) it suddenly turns into a black horse. They have him by the bridle. As he walks into the hall, he sees a cat sitting in the corner. No one can see this cat but the horse. The cat tells him what is really going on. The horse decides he wants nothing to do with this plan and begins rearing and bucking to escape from the men holding him. The dream ends as I see him break free and run down the hall. My heart is hurting because I know that no matter how far he runs, how many floors he runs up and down, he will never get out of that building. He is a prisoner…just like the population.

I wake with a start, my heart hurting because I realize what the dream means. The horse represents our will power and the building is the frequency fence around earth. No matter how much we use our willpower to fight, as long as we use external force our willpower will not be enough to free us from the grid. We are all prisoners just like the young boys and the population in the dream.

For two days I sat with this dream not knowing how to write about it yet knowing that I must. I had started another article while in Denver doing a Galactic Training Level One workshop but didn’t finish it. I picked it up to attempt to finish it yesterday. Today, after an impromptu nap (one of those that feel like you are being put to sleep) I understood what I needed to do; the article and the dream belonged together. I also realized who sent me the dream packet. It was Sanat Kumara. How interesting that just a few days ago I was exchanging emails with a gentleman who had been in my New York workshop. He informed me that the Council wanted all of us to speak more about Sanat Kumara.

Though this dream was full of hopelessness, I realized why Sanat Kumara sent it to me. He did so to remind me that we do have a way out but it is not by fighting with our external technology. We can only succeed by using our inner technology, a gift given only to the human race. One that make us immune to anything put in the “Chip” and to the ELF waves coming out of HAARP. Using this inner technology we can free ourselves from this dimension and the frequency fence around it because we will be using the most powerful technology in the universe.

TIMELINE 2003: A Message from Sanat Kumara
By Jelaila Starr
written October 18, 2002

Sanat Kumara is the ascended master of the Orion Humans, and the spiritual Logos of Earth who works in tandem with Sananda of the Sirius B Humans. Together they head up the Christos Office, the management office of Earth located on Venus. Sanat Kumara has a long history with worlds held imprisoned by frequency fences—he freed himself from one. As a result, he knows the way out of a 3D frequency fence. He explained that something similar to this happened in Orion to the humans from Sirius B who had colonized there. They were imprisoned in a frequency fence much like the one we are in today and that used the same ELF/scalar wave technologies. Sanat K discovered the way out of this frequency fence becoming the first to use this method to obtain freedom thus creating a template* within that fence/grid for others to use. While writing the current book, Greetings from Nibiru, Sanat K. requested that I share his story in the book. As a result we got to know each other a lot better. Sanat said that it was imperative that he send me this dream because the events he showed me could most likely occur in 2003 and therefore, we have little time to prepare.

Because the population has begun to awaken thanks to 9/11, the Global Elite must now resort to stronger tactics to keep us imprisoned. Before they used peer pressure that keep us in line. To ask questions meant one risked being ridiculed and rejected but that is not the case any longer. The President’s attempts to enforce the powers given to the Homeland Security Office have met with great resistance from the American people; something I’m not sure they expected. As a result they are preparing to use more lethal tactics. Have you noticed the amount of EMF towers that are being built all over the country? Like drug stores they are popping up everywhere and at an alarming rate. These towers can more accurately direct the ELF waves of HAARP to their designated targets. What better way to keep us in line than to mess with our minds using scalar wave technology? But let’s not despair because there is a way out, the way used by Sanat Kumara; it’s through the heart; it’s through compassion…using the 9D compassion Grid, the gift from those who sacrificed their lives in the events of 9/11.

Below is the article I began in Denver (yes it was inspired by Sanat Kumara too). Are you aware that Denver will be the western capital of the New World Order, the 4th Reich?

The 9D Compassion Grid; The Gift of 9/11

It has been a year since the tragic events of 9/11. As we watched the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York collapse one by one, we knew that our world had changed forever...nothing would be the same.

It seems we lost our innocence that day. We are no longer able to feel safe in a country known for being safe. Our homeland has never been attacked. For us, war was an ugly, painful event that only happened in other countries…something we watched on TV…something never this close to home.

Since that day we have seen heightened security and a government bent on terrorizing its citizens, taking away their rights in the name of national security in their “war on terrorism” that they boldly declare will not end in our generation. How can we have hope when faced with such a possibility? It’s a sad state we find ourselves in, a world I feel ashamed to leave to our children. We find ourselves asking, “Is there any value in what appears to be a senseless tragedy?” The answer is yes, and it’s a gift much greater than any we could have imagined.

It is called the 9D Compassion Grid, a 9th dimensional** electromagnetic grid (this type of grid is the foundation of all dimensions and realities) of the highest frequency in the universe that now overlays our 3rd dimensional grid/frequency fence and gives us a way out of our prison. Compassion (I’m talking about the multidimensional kind, not the 3D kind) has the highest frequency in the universe. That means that there is no frequency higher or more powerful than the frequency of compassion. As we know, everything is composed of energy and vibrates at a certain frequency. Love is a higher frequency than fear; joy is a higher frequency than sorrow. In quantum physics, a higher frequency will always pull a lower one up to meet it. So compassion will always pull anything, in this case everything below it up to its level. In the case of electromagnetic grids, this means that a grid composed of compassion will pull any grid composed of a lower frequency up to its level.

As Sanat Kumara explained, we have a Compassion Grid. But how do we use this grid to free ourselves from our prison and create a new world in which to live? We use the Inner Technology held within our bodies…the technology of Compassion. Compassion enables us to find the value in all things regardless of how they appear and become true masters of our reality. We step out of victimhood and into total godhood by taking responsibility for all that we consciously or unconsciously create. We look at people and events and see the higher purpose at work. We feel gratitude and appreciation for all the souls playing their roles in physical form to help us gain a gift of understanding. This ability to feel compassion is what recodes our DNA. In fact, compassion has been scientifically proven to be the one emotion that transforms DNA, changing it from carbon-based to crystalline-based where it holds more light, making us Light. When one shifts his/her frequency using this method, one literally shifts out of his/her current dimensional reality into a new one. And the new reality is more harmonious because one becomes harmonious in the process of achieving compassion. Now back to the Compassion Grid.

How did the events of 9/11 create the Compassion Grid? It only takes 144,000 people making the same choice at the same moment and with the same intention to create a new electromagnetic grid. On September 11, 2001 millions of individuals around the globe simultaneously chose compassion when they saw those planes hit the World Trade Center towers. They felt compassion for both the victims as well as for the terrorists.

Instead of jumping to “kill the bastards!” and exacting revenge, which was our reaction to Pearl Harbor, we intuitively understood that people don’t just attack without a good reason. We chose not to act in haste, therefore taking a more mature and responsible approach. Relatively few totally bought the story that our government leaders were so quick to sell us that day. Since that time we have become more courageous and with the help of the Internet began to peek behind the curtain asking questions, intent on getting to the truth. Since that day compassion has become a buzzword, the confirmation that the new grid is affecting its influence on us.

Sanat Kumara tells me that this message must reach all around the world, yes it is frightening but it also contains the solution, a beacon of hope for our future. The way out is within. Like any new grid, this one must be energized. To energize it we must achieve compassion in all areas of our lives, both personally and nationally and send that energy by intention into the grid. This means we must achieve compassion for all the people and things we believe are bad and evil. We must integrate the Light and Dark within each of us. We do this by moving to a new level of personal integrity in our lives. To accomplish this requires rigorous honesty in our relationships. It entails expressing our Dark feelings and emotions and telling the truth about them. We must be willing to cause pain for the sake of truth. We can do this when we truly understand the value of the Dark, of anger and of pain. (The Multidimensional Keys of Compassion will help one find the value in all aspects of the Dark, thus integrating it on all levels.)

Pretense will no longer work when we seek to be in our integrity, taking our relationships to a higher more compassionate level. Being only in the “love and Light” when we are really feeling hurt or negatively judgmental will only play into the plan of the Oppressors. They have taught us to shun the Dark within us by rewarding us for “Love and Light” behavior while condemning us for showing anything beyond that, while they breathe in our unexpressed fear and draw power and life from it. Being only “Love and Light “ is not being real and or completely honest.

Only when we have become this authentic will we see that integration in the form of peace and harmony expressed externally. Fighting the Global Elite and the 4th Reich using external technology will only lead to more pain and keep us imprisoned because we are just fighting the external expression of our own Dark side. By integrating and finding the value we all change and as we change to more compassionate beings, our world changes.

The Global Elite are well aware that there is only one way out of their prison and that is through the heart. But they are betting that we won’t wake up soon enough and take that path to avoid the future Sanat Kumara has shown us. But if we chose right now to focus on integration, doing this each and every day, we will escape the reality shown in the dream and, best of all, we will wake up one day and see the world of our heart’s desire—a world of harmony, a world we are proud to leave to our children. The choice is ours…we have the grid. What will we do with it, what will you do?

In service,
Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council

* Templates can be likened to software programs on tiny CDs. They contain new ways of thinking along with the behaviors that go with them. Every electromagnetic grid contains a multitude of templates. There is one for each belief we have and each behavior pattern. Also, our memory is stored in these grids, not in the gray matter of our brains and we access them through the neuro pathways of our brain.

** The number 9 is the number of beginnings and endings and the number of the dimension in which the universal game of Polarity Integration begins and ends. It is the number of compassion.

For further information and articles of interest, go to

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