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elvis lives

Joined: 30 Sep 2000
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Location: Pismo Beach, California he on to something? Ya think? PostSun Oct 22, 2000 11:05 pm  Reply with quote  

Yahoo Chemtrail tracking 10/22/00 5:14 pm

yuch! I just went out to play with my dogs and there are spiderwebs EVERYWHERE! The roof, porch, trees, bushes, everything has got web fibers draped all over. I guess this is the NWO version of being TP'd.

Fuzzy (creeped out

Well, I just spent about an hour on a Snark Hunt (ie: trying to snag some web-fiber).
The air was full of web-fiber today with lots of very long floating strands visible.
Most of the fibers are snagged high up in treetops or on the roof of my house.
The fibers are invisible unless they are directly back-lit by the sun. So when I found a good long strand, by the time I got close enough to snag it, I couldn't see it. When I did catch one it would: a) shrivel up into a little ball, b) disintegrate, c)stick to my fingers d)fail to adhere to the slide and float away. A number of fibers I did manage to trap between my slide glasses disintegrated.
One rather long piece that I caught had a huge black spider at the end of it.
I attempted to collect some specimens from my car which is draped with them and discovered that the stuff adheres perfectly to the paint.
My being unable to catch a piece of spiderweb probably has more to do with me being a klutz rather than any arcane property of the fiber.
I will try again tomorrow.
I'm very glad no one else was home or they'd be measuring me for a straight jacket right now.

Fuzzy(frustrated! grrr!)
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