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Joined: 02 Jan 2001
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FIGHTING BACK #28 PostSun Jan 07, 2001 5:25 pm  Reply with quote  



Do you remember when you became CT aware? You had questions, concerns, and most importantly, something inside you—call it instinct, intuition, or knowingness—was nudging you toward knowledge and understanding. Eventually you found a board that to your relief had an ongoing discussion with others who could answer your questions right now. You were no longer alone. You realized that this genocide program was happening all over the NATO/UN world and that there was a ton of information just waiting for you. At last, some answers.

If you posted your concerns and questions honestly, you found helpful people that never ever claimed to have all the answers or even any of the answers, but they had pics, information, a list of sites, and great articles to get you up to speed on what was known thus far.

You also had angry, hate-filled board members who were just waiting to tear you a new a**hole for even questioning…anything…especially if it had to do with government wrongdoing. Were these people honestly trying to put over points based on rational experience and scientific explanations? If you look at their posts, you don’t see much of any science or rationality at all. What you did find was

Character attacks,
Vitriolic hate and anger,
Denial, denial, denial,
Attempts to take your mental state and sanity into questions (how dare you question our country? Are you some kind of commie?)

You also found men and women who had good information, much of it firsthand. They never attacked you or your sanity. They simply offered what they knew or had learned for your perusal and made no claims. You probably noticed that these people were, in turn, again attacked for their views by a group of characters who seemed right out of some B movie nightmare, SS disinfo op.

Before I go further, on a psychological level, do you remember what denial and projection is? When a child is busted for some wrongdoing by its parent, doesn’t it often get angry, especially if teenage? Parents know this answer. Isn’t it interesting that the intelligence agencies’ dissenters often act childlike? The reason for this is that most people who are attracted to intelligence agency employment are, themselves, emotionally dysfunctional people. They never matured as you and I did. Inside, they are angry little boys who are getting caught with matches in their hands as the barn is burning. See it now?

Real dissent has to do with opposing views rationally discussed. Spook dissent has no rationality in it at all, or very little. It goes on the attack and never lets up. Agency dissenters go for

Emotional triggers,
Religious attitudes (playing on them more than needed, btw),
And they attack your state of mind. Over and over and over again.

The main purpose of spook dissent is to change the subject and flip your emotional triggers. If you are reacting emotionally, you are not thinking clearly or listening to your heart, two things they do NOT want you doing. Ever. If you are listening to that still small voice of reason and truth, chances are you will find the truth. They know that. That’s why they attack. You get defensive. You quit. You leave, never to return.

And they won. Again. They are laughing at how easy it was to shut you down.

If that doesn’t work, they send in moles and NLP artists. These are of a much higher intelligence than the dissenter. It doesn’t take any brains to attack someone. It takes real skill and cunning to befriend a cause, then undermine it at critical moments. As we know moles feign mild support without ever really supporting or ever adding information of any value at all. Their posts are small one-liners, most of the time, not all of the time, but most of the time.

A mole’s purpose is to get accepted as one of the gang. “She/he’s one of us!” That’s their mission. They do this by saying the following,
“I thought so.”
“When will this stop?”
“Hope it’s clear today?”
And hundreds of other vague and really non-informational posts that say, in the end, nothing at all to anyone. But, on the surface, it sounds like they are agreeing with you. This tag-team approach by dissenters and moles is worked out each day back at Langley and Fort Detrich. Who is posting intel that is dangerous? How can we shift the current topics away? Who is new and profiled as an undecided? Who needs to be befriended and then compromised? Get the idea?

Then the mole strikes. It kills a thread by doing the classic PUSH OFF (see lesson #1) No one questions this tactic, because hey, “they’re one of us!” People only look for dissenters, but never the mole.

We need to start exercising critical thinking skills. Look at trends in information. Who is saying what. Most people never do this. They don’t think like that. And who would? No one wants to spend their time mole busting, they want to raise their families and stop the slaughter. But sadly, mole-busting is part of being CT aware. This is so because of the DIA’s mission to destroy Chemtrail awareness whenever possible. You have to remember that these scumbags are paid great salaries to mislead you, to lie to you, and they are just as bad as the monsters at the CIA/NSA who dreamed up this Orwellian hell.

Mole busting is no longer a choice. It is a fact of board life. Any board, not just chemtrails. Having spent much time in other genre’s, I can assure that this same tactic by dissenters and moles is played out in the N.W.O., 2nd Amendment, UFO and other boards across the globe. Same tactics, over and over again. Check it out.

When a mole strikes, you can bet it is because we were getting near the truth. Or, a thread started showing CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS and they can’t ever allow that to happen. A mole will jump up and attack someone’s post by making an inference about their motives, or some other nonsense. Boom, that thread is dead, because now the person who was thinking clearly is defending themselves. They are fighting. Mission accomplished. Thread has died. Get a pay raise for op well conducted.

This is when moles expose themselves. Killing a thread—when not doing a push off—causes exposure, so they cloak it with something like religion. Look at how good threads were murdered and you will see this pattern. Over and over again. These are your moles.

The most dangerous thread to the spooks is a thread that has in it, a call to arms. Direct action. Activism. This is when moles strike hard and fast. Most activist oriented threads are killed with the following,

“It may be, but ALL WE CAN DO IS PRAY AND LET GOD HANDLE IT.” (Gee, I thought is was the millions of men and women with arms that stopped Hitler, oh well.)

“THIS BATTLE WILL BE FOUGHT ON OUR KNEES.” (this NLP command is conditioning. It also is interesting because that is exactly the position of activists in any country and any land as they are being executed, on their KNEES.)

See it now?
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