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FIGHTING BACK #238 PostTue Jan 09, 2001 10:09 pm  Reply with quote  



Once a dissenter’s ID(cover) is exposed (blown in spy-speak) most likely his paymasters will retask him back onto the same board. Upset that he was made so quickly, they’ll advise him to take on the writing characteristics and profiles of regular usuers. They will also advise him to change his outline (appearance to others as he is seen by them.) The way both are accomplished by studying the more “dangerous” (activists, or anyone who refuses to be dissuaded from the truth, what a bummer) users on the board who have established themselves. They will

1. have him adopt a feminine profile. (most filed operatives are male.)
2. profess to be Christian. (Like “dubya” professes to be Christian.)
3. use personality aspects that their computers have defined as being endemic to regular users, ala, “that’s cool,” “dude.” Or any other trait that will at once endear them to others.
4. They will change how they post. If, in their last silhouette (spy-speak for outline, appearance to others) they wrote using normal grammar, they will do things like no longer cap their sentences or use broken sentence structure.
5. Long-winded posts become short, to the point.

The whole time it is still the same agent, from the same console, using a different set of routers to mask their IP address. Watch what they are saying, why, and when. Reread the other FIGHTING BACKS in this series and remain watchful. Vigilant. Aware. Don’t fall into their back and forth, infighting traps, unless you are on a mole busting mission to expose them. By all means, then, engage the enemy of truth and freedom with the same tactics. EVERY TIME THE MOLE ASKS YOU TO PROVE CHEMTRAILS, ASK HIM TO PROVE THEY ARE NOT. It shuts them down instantly. Like right now.

But the tactics they use remain the same, over and over again. They put you on the defensive.
1. prove there are chemtrails.
2. deny there are chemtrails.
3. change the subject, throw off the scent of the dogs as they close in on the truth.
4. attack a board members sanity or state of mind.

The methodology of busting these agents are being well covered with this series, but to put an end to their attacks, simply put THEM on the defensive. Make them prove a negative, and every time. Every time they attack, suggest activism, right in the middle of the thread. Remember what pyramid activism is: each time they attack, you take your chemtrail knowledge and spread it around. This can be done by

Letter writing
Chemtrail graffiti
Word of mouth
Board posting
Chain letters,
Anonymous emails to local weather stations,

Remember this, agents are cunning and smart, but not overly intelligent. Real intelligence is a soul quality, something not really sought out by the intel agencies as they recruit their lackeys. What they look for is moxy, duplicity, liars, character defects, cunning, and a sense of beguile. This is what they want and they do a damn good job of screening for it.

They also look for haters, who don’t really have any kind of political ideologue. This allows them to mold their agents and operatives along agency lines. It makes it easier to brainwash them, too.

Agents are a crafty bunch. As they get on in their “bidness” they get more relaxed and comfortable with lying and deceiving others. After a while, it becomes second nature to them. Lying is like breathing. Up is down and black is white. You have to start thinking on a whole different level with these soulless zombies. They have no compunction about taking this country down whatever level of hell their paymasters tell them is where it needs to go.

And go…we are all going…a flight mission at a time.
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