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Joined: 02 Jan 2001
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FIGHTING BACK #30 (new) PostSat Mar 03, 2001 10:27 pm  Reply with quote  



It goes without saying that the moment you realize you are being gassed against your will by the government (now we know how the camp victims felt as they were gassed in the showers) one of your first thoughts might be: how can I minimize or prevent these airborne pathogens from vectoring into my nose, throat, and lungs? Many already know that colloidal silver will help flush the body of these desiccated blood cells, but that alone won’t stop the next batch of soup hitting as you sleep at night (Chem Sprayers fly day and night.)

What my friends and family use to keep our intake of chemsoup down to only when we are outdoors is air filters. We purchased two Honeywell floor models #52500 ($400.00 each) and put them at each end of the house; at a low setting, it changes out the air in a room in under three minutes. Honeywell claims these HEPA filters will clear any airborne silliness down to one micron, which is good because desiccated blood cells are, I believe, around 6 to 8 microns in size. This snags them.

But we don’t stop there. It occurred to me last Christmas to help the filters out, as they seem to load up quickly and turn black/brown overnight. And they are expensive to buy, especially the Honeywell’s. So what I do, is take a roll of heavy brocade paper towels and wrap the outside of each filter (they are circular in design, with a black nylon mesh screen which then wraps around the main filter) till I get about six wraps on it. For some reason, Paper Towels are the exact size of the floor model Honeywell filters. Once the filter is wrapped, I then attach the black mesh which snugly holds the six-layer wrap of towels in place. This seems to last about a week, which the towels turn unsightly brown and yellow. The filters, however, stay white and new. You will notice that as you unwrap each layer, the discoloration of each wrap gets less and less until you reach the last wrap, which is almost white, but not.

We recently purchased a desk model Honeywell filter (#1700) and, as it turns out, toilet paper is the exact same size as the desk filter. Guess what we do? Use heavy ply paper here too. Don’t cheap out.

Two (2) pieces of advice.
One, when you swap out the paper towels, wear gloves and a painters mask (both dime store cheap as heck) because stupid here once unwrapped one without that protection and I got the soup all over my hands instantly and within about 30 seconds was on the ground gasping for breath and had a nose bleed, my very first ever. The soup these honeywell’s trap is apparently quite toxic. Take the whole machine outside and away from your home to do this. Dispose of the old wraps at once in a closed container.

The second piece of advice is to swap your wraps about every five days, or sooner if you feel the need. If you smoke, every three days.

Who says these FIGHTING BACKS are useless?
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PostWed Aug 18, 2010 7:27 am  Reply with quote  

well you have to leave your home so this will only work sometimes.
Take high potency multivitamins also i suggest Goji juice concentrate which is high in antioxidents which should fight free radicals and cancer.
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