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FIGHTING BACK #34 PostSun Mar 25, 2001 8:47 pm  Reply with quote  

Be sure that your operation will be effective. Violent, or non-violent, operations that are ineffective are also a waste of time. Bickering and in-fighting is also a waste of time, and only benefits your enemy.

All operations should follow the KISS rule: Keep It Simple Stupid

Although simple, the planning should be thorough, and several avenues of escape should be available.

The timing of any operation should be short, and exact. The longer an operation takes, the greater the chances are of something going wrong.

Work only with people you would trust with your life, because you will be trusting them with your life. In addition, most insurgents will recommend, or take, actions that will only get you in trouble. Anyone who suggests, or does these things is immediately suspect.

All teams should have a leader chosen prior to any operation. This leader should be chosen for their leadership abilities and all major decisions should be deferred to this leader. These teams are not democratic! A leader should be chosen not for popularity, but for effectiveness, and ability to accept responsibility for making decisions that could get people injured or killed.

There is an obvious need for secrecy and security. Information should be given only on a need to know basis. Team One should never know the actions/planning/objective of Team Two, unless it is necessary for completion of the objective.

Anyone who decides to embark upon this type of warfare must realize that it is not a game. Each team member relies on every other member to do their job. One person failing to do their job can result in the death of the entire team. Knowing this, if someone fails to perform their job, or otherwise compromises the security of the team in any way, that person must be executed in full view of the other members. Remember, this is not a game, and if one is not serious, one should not participate.


No matter how well planned, no matter how well executed, no matter how well timed, each and every operation is subject to Murphy's Law: Whatever can go wrong, will...and at the worst possible time.

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