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FIGHTING BACK #41 PostFri Apr 27, 2001 12:00 am  Reply with quote  


Uprooting Long Term Coverts

There are many types of coverts. There are moles, agent provocateurs, plants, controllers, SAICs, etc. Each has specific functions, levels of funding, mission assignments, and can relate to one or more multiple agencies, depending upon the operation at hand, term of assignment, goal of assignment, mission tasks, and rotation. Many moles rotate in and out of various assignments. Some are long-terms. These are known as LTCs or long-term coverts.

This means that they are in for the duration. If it takes ten years to destroy the patriot movement, then, like Bo Gritz, then ten years it is. Long-terms are planted early. You must remember that the intelligence agencies NEVER undertake an operation, without having 3 sets of contingency plans in case of operation blow-back (getting busted doing the op.) With something like chemtrails—an ongoing operation spanning two decades and counting—they knew there would be inevitable men and women who would spot the operation for what it is and start raising a rumble. Some would even go beyond that elevate their search for the truth into activism, in either hopes of uncovering the truth or ending the operation or both.

We have already discussed that the military and intelligence agencies have LHs (limited hangouts) and other response apparatus already planned and tested, just waiting to go, depending upon whether the operation is blown, exposed, fails, or even achieves its mission goals. There are literally tens of thousands of agency operations that have gone off without a hitch that are listed in the history books FOR THINGS AND REASONS NOT WHAT THEY ARE. An example of this is the Reverend Jim Jones—as was discovered by congressional committee and detective research by independent law enforcement officer—who has been confirmed, operating a mind control camp in the Guyana’s for the CIA. Jones was a long-term contract and field agent for the agency. His job was to attract street people in the early to mid-seventies and turn them into drug couriers and assassins for the CIA and many other agencies. That operation failed. History, however, records the whole event as some New Age / Evangelical Christian cult that self-destructed. Anyone who has done even a few hours of research into Jones realized that when congressman Leo Ryan had discovered the op, destroyed the camp, all its population, and then killed Ryan and his aides. The CIA then covered up the operation with its MOLES in the police and media.

And this leads us to our current problem. It really doesn’t matter whether you are trying to sniff out moles on a discussion forum relating to chemtrails, or whether you are the head of detectives in a police department trying to sniff out your CIA plants. The issue, problem, and solution, remains the same.

In the past, use was made of tripping moles up by planting false information, using misdirects, and other things to unearth your mole problem. This is only marginally effective, depending upon how intelligent and plugged in your mole is. The deeper the mole is in your group, the harder they will be to unearth…because…hey…they were with you since the beginning, they have slept at your house, they are now your closest friends, it can’t be them….

There are literally thousands of political prisoners in the United States who thought that way once, too. They are now rotting in jail on trumped charges, because their mole f@#$% them over at the worst possible moment by:

Killing a thread
Planting false evidence
Planting drugs
Falsely testifying in court and implicating wrongdoing.

Be advised. Moles are the best weapons the intelligence agencies have against truth-seekers.

They will befriend you.
Listen emotionally.
Agree with you.
Adopt your language patterns and hobby interests.

The longer you know them, the more they become like you—like a long lost friend you never had before. They will “help” more than anyone on your research and truth projects.

It can’t be them.

Or can it?

We now live in the 21st century. One of the benefits of our time is technology. Though kindergarten when compared to agency and military technology, still it is within our grasp and we must use that technology the same way the NSA uses technology to read your emails and dig around your hard drive while you are online.

In the last few years, two types of technologies long available to law enforcement (FBI, CIA, NSA, blah blah) have now become available to the average citizen—at least for now. Each of these two technologies has been found to have unbelievable reliability and success rates for getting at the truth—AND UNCOVERING MOLES, incidentally.


Voice tremor analysis—freely available on the web and some of it freeware—uses the voice and stress patterns in people at the sub-vocal wavelength. In short, it measures the fluctuations and micro-tremors in your speech to discern whether or not you are being specious on any given topic. In other words, it can tell if you are lying or not.

Every single law enforcement agency uses VTA software, some of it very advanced. Every time you speak with a cop, agent, or whatever, you are being VTA’d. FACT. If someone places a tip to drug enforcement, they VTA it. You talk to a cop at a traffic stop? His mike on his lapel is recording the conversation. He walks back to his cruiser and it punches up spikes and highlights on key questions. He can, a matter of minutes “while running your ID and reg” determine if you have been lying to him. Every single time you speak to a field operative—FBI or cop—you are being VTA’d somewhere, either right then or later, when his tape of your is reviewed. If you are lying, you get second visit or a no-knock search warrant with guns blazing. It depends.

There are two types of VTA analysis. Active or passive. Active is when you are being questioned. In real time, other agents are monitoring your answers and statements.

Passive is simply analyzing a known statement—say a phone call between you and a friend. The problem with passive VTA—which is simply measuring a known statement without any questioning—is that it lacks a baseline.

Baselining a suspect is necessary to establish normal vocal wavelengths. Very often (I use this one, among others) is to, at some time during the conversation, ask what time it is. People will answer without even thinking about it. They will look at their watch and answer. BINGO. You just got your baseline. This can be done at any point of the taping and need only be done once for all future tapings as well. Once you have a baseline, any state that deviates from the truth that they know—now or in the future—will register as a lie. Then it is simply a matter of asking the questions you need answered. You can ask anything of anyone anytime. I suggest being up front. Ask them directly about any law-enforcement involvement or agency or whatever. Moles, if aware of such things, will immediately defer the question with another question or just simply not answer. That too, is an answer, isn’t it?

There is a great deal of information and software out there on this. Anyone with a simple computer and the ability to record conversations can use this. Radio Shack sells automatic phone recording devices for under $30.00 The two combined will sniff out more moles than any amount of thread analysis and double-blinding intel.


Since 1973, the NSA has developed and perfected software known as reverse speech, or the unconscious language of human truth. Twenty years later and David John Oates brought this software to the world and made it easy for anyone to reverse speech any statement, piece of music, or conversation made and recorded. Simply, the machine or software reverses the speech and it is found that we unconsciously say and speak what we really mean. It cannot be thwarted. It is the common man’s ultimate truth serum. For under 100.00, software can be purchased to use on the computer which will reverse the conversation for you and analyze the statements so found. Whether done passive or active, there is simply no defense against reverse speech. If a woman is agency or AF intelligence, you will sniff that b**ch out.

These two software’s are really nifty on radio show broadcasts, public announcements, lies from Streiber and Dames…dig? If you live in a place where you have to announce you are taping then, do to the other party. Be advised, though…they will NEVER tell you they are taping—the agency lackeys, that is.

To learn further on both topics, search the internet on the above terms. New softwares, machines and being made all the time are very reasonably priced. Your mileage may vary.

Go get ‘em!

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