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mark sky

Joined: 14 Oct 2000
Posts: 3616
Location: SW coast of Oregon
PostMon Sep 17, 2001 1:03 am  Reply with quote  

so true~those in the know will bale out of afganistan~leaveing those who dont ~to die
this just in
the national ID card
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mark sky

Joined: 14 Oct 2000
Posts: 3616
Location: SW coast of Oregon
PostMon Sep 17, 2001 1:08 am  Reply with quote  

waiting for confermation on these stories

"The fact is that 5 of the terrorists had navy issued driver's licenses from
a navy flying base.
The terrorist that is in prison for the bombing of the trade center had the
blueprint for this plane attack in his papers that the fbi has had for
years. Had they acted and only had to strenghten the cockpit doors,This
could not have happened.
One of the terrorists was wanted for a terrorist bus bombing but came in
from a
saudi arabia special no check deal."

here is one of the stories

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Joined: 17 Mar 2001
Posts: 1571
Location: S. Bossier, Louisiana
PostMon Sep 17, 2001 2:14 am  Reply with quote  

Mark, The events of the past week are already affecting some of us in a very personal way! Today, after reading my colleague, IZAKOVICS new website updates, I tried to email him and besides conratulations, tried to convey some of my thoughts and ideas as to what has transpired and also address how I would defend my home and family should terrorism continue at our homeland and in our specific area...that I would be willing to defend and die for the rights, freedoms, and well-being of my loved ones from terrorism and/or from civil/personal rights being taken away from us all as a result of the WTC tragedy. TPTB do not like talk such as that...I merely meant, in saying, protecting my home meaning my house and not running wild eyed into the street to fight a monolithic situation that may come as a result of the attack...what an ideal time to take away freedoms of citizens right here under the guise of the attack incident problem...It looks as if we must all be ever vigilant now and watch and listen closely to all that transpires from here on out, lest the terrorists win without another wimper
from us, by watching our freedoms denied by our very own in power here. God Bless this country and God bless us all! J.
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mark sky

Joined: 14 Oct 2000
Posts: 3616
Location: SW coast of Oregon
PostMon Sep 17, 2001 4:24 am  Reply with quote  

Just watching the sunday evening news
and the story was of those who baled the WTC building even as the PA system "authorities"
told them all was well and to stay at their desks\
mind blowing stuff
"they" also revealed that a survey showed that 81% of those surveyed thought that the US should wait until it knew who was quilty
before issueing a megadeathsentance
mind blowing stuff
will we as the human race
will we as the human race
be up to the task that has so rudely been put before us
will we as the human race
be wise enough to survive?
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Duncan Kunz

Joined: 19 Oct 2000
Posts: 582
PostMon Sep 17, 2001 10:58 pm  Reply with quote  

I think most of us know how we feel - and how others feel - about most things. I think most of the regulars here know how I feel about the contrails issue - all you have to do is look at my 'status' under my posting handle. And it should also come as no surprise to anyone here that I consider one of the most doctrinaire (read: deluded) of the people on this board to be Chem11. When it comes to contrails, I believe he is completely wrong.

But when it comes to analyses of the recent tragedy, and his beliefs on why what has happened did, I believe he is absolutely correct.

Don't get me wrong; my credentials as a fan of massive retaliation are excellent: I am a Vietnam-era military veteran, I have worked in the aerospace/defense business most of my life; three of my colleagues were aboard one of the hijacked planes - and those scum stole my planes - my planes! to do their foul deed. My heart tells me that we should hang up bin Laden and his crew by their ankles and cut off their heads. And then cut off their other heads - the ones on their shoulders.

But some of the hysteria and jingoism that we have been hearing is simply wrong.

Harry Browne's comment on "acts of cowardice" is, of course, correct. No matter how evil those folks might have been, they weren't cowards. You might not like it, but you know it's true.

The fact that bin Laden was 'trained' by the CIA may be an overstatement, but the fact is that he was allied with us in the war against the Soviet empire in the early eighties. The fact that he gradually went bonkers in his hatred for the United States is not surprising, given his twisted world-view. How many of you people are fanatics in your belief that contrails are some plot by TPTB or TPTS? Hey, bin Laden's beliefs are no more 'fanatical' than yours - the difference being that most of you do not believe in killing your enemies or innocent people on airplanes. Most of you.

And Harry Browne's analyses of why so many Muslims hate us shouldn't be surprising. Not only have we been involved in attacks on them - and other less powerful nations - for years now, but we also sponsor, defend, and arm the one entity with which the Arabs and most Muslims are united in their hatred: Israel.

Naturally, we justify our attacks on other countries -- and our support for other countries - as well as anyone else. Why not? Man may not be a rational animal, but he sure is a rationalizing one! But our rationalizations, no matter how right they sound to us, ring hollow in the ears of many other people, just as their equally-idiotic rationalizations for jihad sound bad to us.

Just in my lifetime (which started in 1944) our country has been involved in multitudes of wars and conflicts, both 'hot' and 'cold'. With the exception of the Berlin Airlift, every one of these confrontations that I can think of has redounded to our dismay and confounding. It's not that we consistently back the wrong dog in the dog-fight (although that usually happens), but it's the fact that we back one of the dogs in the first place. Compare us with Switzerland, as Browne says; they can be a tough as anyone else, but they mind their business, and no one has a bone to pick with them.

Some of you say that "we need to be involved because we are a superpower". That's like saying "we need to be involved because we need to be involved". George Washington, who may have not actually thrown that quarter across the Potomac, nevertheless did say something like: "the hand of friendship and peaceful trade toward all; entangling alliances toward none." The fact that we are strong enough to utterly destroy any country who would attack us does not mean we have to play international cop or Santa Claus. We can be a superpower without being a superbully, even if we believe our superbullying is in the best interests of .. of.. whomever's best interests it's in.

Massive retaliation my work, but I have my doubts. Every Palestinian attack on Israel is met with overwhelming military response; all it's done is create a new crop of military martyrs-to-be. We may get Usama bin Laden, but we're not going to get Abdullah Ibrahim ibn Doodlysquat - because Abdullah Ibrahim ibn Doodlysquat is only nine years old. But we're going to have to deal with him in ten year's time.

When I was twenty, of course, I knew all the answers. But in the thirty-six years since then, I've become stupider and stupider; things appear now in shades of gray rather than black and white. So I can't tell you what plan we need to undertake in the weeks and months ahead. But I do know that once we get over our jollies at the hanging of bin Laden, we're still going to have to face Abdullah Ibrahim ibn Doodlysquat - and his son - and HIS son, too.

Duncan Kunz /
Mesa AZ / 480-891-2525

[Edited 1 times, lastly by Duncan Kunz on 09-17-2001]
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mark sky

Joined: 14 Oct 2000
Posts: 3616
Location: SW coast of Oregon
PostTue Sep 18, 2001 3:59 am  Reply with quote  

Well said Duncan
too bad you cant see the sky like the rest of us can
dont portrey us as murderous as not one chemplane has fallen
to my knowledge too date
and there are certainly vets amoung us
who could handle the job
and the way they often fly at eachother
you would think they have a death wish
(or am i wrong again?)
since your the "kind debunker"
will the new world order take on
ecoterrorism as well?
or in fact are they useing ecoterrorism to close the small lumber mills
while Wherhouser can expand
the small farms and fishermen go kapute
while the Tyson protien monopoly
gets an injection

[Edited 1 times, lastly by mark sky on 09-17-2001]
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Joined: 08 Jul 2000
Posts: 3137
Location: Texas
PostSun Sep 23, 2001 12:41 am  Reply with quote,8599,175951,00.html


TIME Exclusive: Cropduster Manual Discovered in Suspected Terrorist Hideout
Sources tell TIME that U.S. officials suspect that bin Laden conspirators may have been planning to disperse biological or chemical agents from cropdusting planes...

[Edited 1 times, lastly by Thermit on 09-22-2001]
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Joined: 17 Mar 2001
Posts: 1571
Location: S. Bossier, Louisiana
PostSun Sep 23, 2001 1:07 am  Reply with quote  

Hmmm, After my annoying lil incident a few months back, with that "spray helicopter" that kept flying so low over my land all day and not over the other families...I gotta wonder...I knew at the time it wasn't military but still didn't "feel right" about it flying so low, all day over us...and I've learned from the past...when my instincts, intuitions, tell me pays for me to listen...There was something wrong about that day....neighboring yards aren't having the mutant mushroom dealy either...ours is worse then's a literal invasion of freaky shrooms. Called aggie guys and results. All so odd. I guess private looking spray planes could be used by terrorists for whatever...I doubt I'm of any importance in that area for a terrorist to be visiting...but I still don't "feel" right about that all day spray chopper dealy....Blessings, Joanne ^j^
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Joined: 17 May 2001
Posts: 445
Location: uk
PostSun Sep 23, 2001 9:42 am  Reply with quote  

TOKYO (Reuters) - The United States has warned its allies of a possible second round of attacks by the end of this week following the deadly recent strikes against New York and Washington, Jiji news agency quoted Japanese government sources as saying.

The next round of attacks, if really launched, would be on an even greater scale than those on September 11, which killed more than 6,000 people, according to information provided to Japan by the United States, Jiji said.

The news agency quoted the sources as saying on Saturday that the ``means of terrorism'' would be ``more cruel and shocking'' than in the September 11 carnage, when hijackers flew airliners into New York's World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington.

The targets of the possible attacks were unknown but possibilities included members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO and Pakistan, Jiji said.

The government sources said attacks on Japan could not be ruled out since Tokyo has expressed support for U.S. retaliation against the September 11 strikes.

The United States has judged that a second round of attacks, if carried out, is likely by the end of this week at the latest, the sources said.

Japan's public security authorities have gone on heightened alert since receiving the information from the United States.

Washington suspects that a group led by fugitive Saudi-born millionaire Osama bin Laden has been contemplating attacks using biological and chemical weapons, such as sarin nerve gas, for years, according to the sources.

The United States has information that the group has already acquired small airplanes to spray bacteria causing smallpox or anthrax from the air, Jiji quoted the sources as saying.

Time magazine reported on Saturday that investigators had found a crop-dusting manual during a search for those responsible for the attacks on New York and Washington, triggering concern that crop-dusting planes might be used for chemical or biological assaults.

The FBI in Washington said it had not seen the report and had no comment on it.

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Joined: 21 Apr 2001
Posts: 1386
PostSun Sep 23, 2001 9:32 pm  Reply with quote  

Friday September 21 8:58 PM ET
Experts: Passengers Should Fight
By SHARON COHEN, AP National Writer

Kathy Rockel was amazed when her United Airlines flight last weekend began with an extraordinary message from the pilot: He informed passengers how to rise up and fend off hijackers.

``If anybody stands up and is trying to take over the plane, stand up together, take whatever you have and throw it at their heads,'' she quoted the pilot as saying. ``You have to aim for their faces so they have to defend themselves.''

The pilot also said passengers could fight hijackers by throwing blankets over their heads, wrestling them to the ground and holding them until he landed, Rockel said. And referring to the ``we the people'' preamble to the Constitution, she recalled, he said, ``We will not be defeated.''

``Everybody on the plane was applauding,'' said Rockel, a medical transcriptionist traveling from Denver to Washington, D.C., Sept. 15 on United's Flight 564. ``People had tears coming down their faces. It was as if we had a choice here, that if something were to happen we're not completely powerless.''

Peter Hannaford, a public affairs consultant on the plane, wrote about the incident in a column published in The Washington Times. He described how the pilot urged passengers to use books, glasses, shoes and other instruments to attack hijackers. His message quickly spread via the Internet.

United Airlines declined comment on the incident.
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Joined: 17 Mar 2001
Posts: 1571
Location: S. Bossier, Louisiana
PostSun Sep 23, 2001 10:06 pm  Reply with quote  

Thanx Chem11, What you just did is the best thing I've seen anyone do in a a helpful article that lifts the spirit, the psyche, and gives some hope and strength to folks that have been feeling helpless and depressed and confused. The article is so simple in its way that no one may have thought of it, how a simpler solution could be possible when a scenario such as the recent hi-jackings would occur!! I have thought from the first I heard of the "box cutter", if everyone on board would have done such as outlined above, things may have turned out differently. Surely, some folks would have been injured, but hopefully, not mortally so and at least not all dead either. Of course, we don't know what all transpired on that plane or the others, but if the facts so far presented have been accurate, such as what was suggested above should have had good results. We will never now but I hope we can all learn from what has already taken place. Blessings, Joanne ^j^
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Joined: 24 Apr 2001
Posts: 672
Location: North Carolina
PostMon Sep 24, 2001 1:44 pm  Reply with quote  

I heard that story the other day while riding in the car. Very powerful. We all need to remember this! We are all responsible for each other. The world could be a very differrent place.
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