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America, the Charitable

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America, the Charitable PostWed Sep 26, 2001 10:08 pm  Reply with quote  

God, this is a great country.

A mere two weeks after the attack, we, and generous others from around the world, have given over 500,000,000 dollars to help...


Wednesday, September 26 6:22 AM SGT

Charities stunned as NY disaster funds top 500 million dollars

NEW YORK, Sept 25 (AFP) -
Relief groups have been swamped with more than half a billion dollars in contributions for victims of the World Trade Center attack and are now under pressure to disburse the money quickly but wisely.

The scale of the giving has dwarfed any previous US relief effort. It has also turned the spotlight on how the huge sums of cash will be handed out and led to fears other worthy causes could suffer a backlash.

"It has been unbelievable, extraordinary," said Ani Hurwitz, spokeswoman for the New York Community Trust which, along with the United Way of America, is administering the September 11 Fund.

"What has been so amazing is the speed with which the money has arrived, it has been an emotional outpouring," said Hurwitz. She said that by Tuesday the fund had raised 120 million dollars.

The September 11 Fund is just one of a myriad of fundraising efforts that have been swamped by donations since suspected Islamic extremists slammed two passenger jets into the 110-storey twin towers, leaving more than 6,700 people dead or missing.

The American Red Cross has received around 200 million dollars, the Twin Towers Fund for fallen firefighters and police officers has raised over 70 million, and a live telethon on major television networks brought a further 150 million.

A host of smaller funds set up by individual companies, newspapers, ethnic groups and community assocations have also raised tens of millions of dollars.

The donations have poured in from across the country and the globe, from blue chip corporations and small businesses, from rock stars and actors, and most of all from thousands of ordinary people often using the Internet.

"Normally we get three million hits per week. Every since the disaster we have been getting 1.7 million hits per day," said Debra Snider of, part of the network which has raised 87 million dollars for many funds.


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