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Republican Convention seems to prove "terrost" cla

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Location: west caldwell, new jersey, united states
Republican Convention seems to prove "terrost" cla PostSun Sep 05, 2004 4:00 am  Reply with quote  

Julian Penrod
4 Fairfield Avenue
West Caldwell, New Jersey 07006
(973) 220-1601

September 2, 2004

Letters to the Editor

Dear sirs:

A fundamental quality of truth is its universality. There is no aspect of reality in which truth does not make an appearance. On the other hand, deceit does not imbue eveerything. Those who promote lies must always carefully limit the scope of their discussion, so as to maintain only that narrow range of subjects and topics in which they canconvince the weak-minded and shallow that their points are cogent! Expanding the framework of any consideration, however, can quickly reveal the truthfulness or faithlessness of statements made concerning the situation!

It comes as no surporise that "terrorism" has become the guiding force behind the Bush Administration.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are apparently being arranged to be paid to corporate cronies, to support "anti-terrorist" machinations and policies.

The evident theft of Iraq and its resources from its populace was "justified" by thinly veiled, but apparently deceitful, connections suggested between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda,.as well as evidently fraudulent depictions of Hussein as a "terrorist-in-training"!

Violating treaties with other countries and consideration of their interests was dutifully "legitimized" by invoking the need to do so "to combat 'terrorism'"!

Pundits condemn criticism of Bush, even if he is patently wrong, on the grounds that "it strengthens the 'enemy'"!

An essentially Fascist environment was established in New York City, during the Republican National Convention - and, tellingly, to only a slightly lesser degree, in Boston, during the convention for "the party of the people"! - wherein troops were overtly trained in helicopter attacks on protestors; concentration camp enclosures were set up, to keep demonstrators penned in; high tech, physically disabling sound systems were installed, to assault protestors; vicious dogs were deployed ostensibly to "sniff out bombs", yet, evidently, for the real purpose of mauling demonstrators; and apparently calculatedly intimidating "interviews" were held before the convention, during which protestors were each approached by no fewer than a half a dozen FBI agents and police, supposedly to "ask them if they planned to engage in any violence during the convention"!

And yet, despite all the touted preparations to thwart “terrorists”, arranged for the national convention, on several separate incidents, protestors were able to “penetrate” Madison Square Garden, where the speeches and nominations were to take place. A group of people, bearing passes from the Young Republicans, were able to wait until Andrew Card had begun speaking, then ripped off their jackets, to reveal messages against Bush’s AIDS policy. More recently, a woman was described as getting “dangerously close” to Vice President Cheney, before uncovering anti-Bush statements on her shirt.

The evident lapdogs of the media obligatorily addressed these incidents from the standpoint of the potential danger they represented for the members of the Administration.

But a more fundamental issue arises, here.

And that is, if “terrorists” are as sophisticated, and well-funded, and well-equipped and driven as they are routinely represented as being, they would already have penetrated the security at the convention! People with no training, no background, no equipment, and no “insane drives”, evidently on little more than a hoot, managed to get past security!

Had “terrorists” been interested in getting into the convention, there is every indication they would have been able to manage it!

That fact that they didn’t seems proof positive of the utterly fabricated nature of the claims of “terrorist” threats against the political system of election! All that money, all that extra manpower, all that equipment, all that extra training, evidently put money into the pockets on unprincipled cronies of equally unprincipled politicos, but they seem to have done absolutely nothing substantive!

And, as a reflection on the entire evident swindle of “terrorism”, that seems to represent that hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money is being funneled to politicians and friends of politicians for a sham!

The threats of “terrorism” seem intended only to steal yet more dollars from taxpayers!

Politicians apparently realizes that their past scams seemed to have been either running dry - like the “threat of Communism”! - or becoming obvious as nothing more than craven swindles - like the “war on drugs”, the “education initiative”, or the “support for the environment”! - so something new was needed to funnel taxpayer dollars into corporate cronies’ wallets! The second the “war on ‘terrorism’” was announced, hundreds of civilian “security firms” appeared! And were, apparently, all put on the government payroll! There seem more civilian “security consultants” on the government dole now than there were civilian engineers at the height of the manned space flight missions! Every time you hear about a “civilian contractor” being attacked in Iraq, what they are evidently always referring to is some rent-a-goon brought in to rough up the locals, to make sure that Halliburton receives as little interference with raping the country as possible!

Security cameras. Encryption technology. Retina scan equipment. Metal detectors. Night vision goggles. Bomb sniffing dogs. Body armor. Geiger counters. Sarin gas detectors. Anthrax detectors. Mobile analytical labs. Armored cars. Thermal imaging equipment. Automatic weapons. Hired muscle. There are a million places someone using the evident ruse of “terrorism” can funnel money to friends! There are just as many “crucial expenditure” categories the practiced liar can hide funds they embezzled!

That and the imposition of fear on the heads of the populace to keep them in line seem the real reason behind this new scourge!

The real “terrorists” seem to be those who work inside the Beltway!

When government proves that its sole purpose is the rape of the populace, the people have to take it on themselves to promote their best interests!

First, don’t let yourself be fooled, and your intelligence insulted, by buying into the evident fraud that any one party or the other will “protect your rights”! They all seem devoted only to thieving from the public, to feed themselves and their fat friends! And don’t even let yourself be conned by the apparent deceit of “election”! It seems those in positions of influence just decide amongst themselves who they will allow to be in office for the next few years, then they tell you that that is the person you, the public, chose, and demand that you believe it!

Since money is both what they worship, and what they need to keep their evident scams going, deny it to them wherever possible! You don’t need to buy a new car every year, or even every few years! You don’t need to buy expensive clothes they tell you to buy; you can show that you know on your own what looks good! You don’t need to eat out, and especially not at up-scale restaurants. You might find yourself thanking yourself if you decided to forego the cheaper, “fast food” places, too! You don’t need the petrochemical waste that they seem to call “medication”! Many seem to cause side effects that are worse than what they are claimed to cure! How simple it is to hide the fact that a medicine doesn’t work than to hide its supposed “benefits” behind a curtain of even worse “side effects”! You don’t need to go to entertainment that rots your brain while it drains your wallet! You don’t need to go to gyms to work out on equipment little more sophisticated than a brisk walk around the block! You don’t need every new electronic frill they toss on the market! And, if you’re not wasting money on garbage with big price tags, you won’t need to keep paying the evident extortion to credit card companies! Money markets, IRA’s, 401 (k)’s have never really been shown to be universally effective; those that weren’t wiped out by the collapse of Enron aren’t necessarily safe from the apparently inevitable next titan to fall! Bank accounts seem always a safer bet! And how long has it been since you saw your bank account grow?

You weren’t put on earth just to be their key to luxury living without working!

Sending constant letters to the editor, and to local politicians, informing them that you are aware of where they acted questionably, or unacceptably, can be of immense help to maintaining the rights of the people!

This is supposed to be a nation built on the welfare of the public! While that doesn’t exist, this nation is not what it should be! It can be what it once was, but the people have to watch those in positions of power, for every assault that they make on the Constitution, the public’s rights, and the truth!

Julian Penrod
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Joined: 23 Nov 2002
Posts: 1297
PostMon Sep 13, 2004 3:48 am  Reply with quote  

One Party Rule:

No Patriot Act Victims? Tell It To Summer Starr!
The RNC's(Republican National Convention) "Little Guantanamo"

A young girl visiting NYC during the time of the Republican National Convention, NOT a protester, gets thrown into a makeshift GITMO!

From: Erin Starr - Makawao, Maui, Hawai'i


My 21-year old daughter disappeared from NYC last Tuesday afternoon when walking with friends through a park where no protest was being held -- and was held prisoner -- without being charged -- by the NYPD for three days.

The first day and night she spent in an unsafe and inhumane facility at Pier 57 ("Little Guantanamo") provided by the Republican Party. Yes, it was managed by the Republican National Committe. It was leased by the RNC to hold political dissenters who disagreed with the Bush administration. The second two days, my daughter was in a city jail in Manhattan, where her treatment improved. She practices Buddhist precepts of compassion (she told the NYPD officers that she knew they must be tired and overworked also, and she did not resist arrest). She is a graduate student in Poli Sci at the University of Hawaii and is a MortarBoard honor society/service club member. The notorious Pier 57 (owned by the HudsonRiver Trust--a city/state consortium) was dubbed "Little Guantanamo" by reporters who also got caught up in police sweeps and who said it looked like the Guantanamo Bay prison built by the USA to hold the Al Qaeda terrorist political prisoners in Cuba. Pier 57 was leased by the RNC before their convention. They arranged for the NYPD to put up the chain link holding pens with razor wire on top in the old Pier 57 warehouse that had oil, gas and asbestos dust on the floor from a previous fire. My heart was in my throat when I got a call from one of my daughter's friends on Oahu who told me she had been arrested and taken to Little Guantanamo. I looked it up on the internet and fear crept into me.

I called my daughter's cell phone over and over ("it's mom, where ARE you, call me"). She didn't answer. Only hours before, she had been calling us with joy, telling us of the peaceful protests and beautiful march. But now, nothing. I had nightmarish visions of a fire sweeping over the combustible floor with hundreds -- nearly a thousand -- trapped in the chainlink pens, razor wire on the top of the pens making escape impossible. My husband called the NYPD to ask who had issued a Certificate of Occupancy or Fire Safety Inspection Certificate and who wasmanaging Pier 57. He was given the number for the Republican National Committee. Yes. My husband and I looked at each other in silent, cold horror. In America? The Republicans have set up a private detention camp for their political prisoners that can hold 1000 under inhumane and unsafe conditions!? My husband slowly dialed that number, got the RNC, and the Republican rep who answered the phone said, in answer to my husbands' inquiries about safety: "those protesters don't deserve a Holiday Inn, and they're all criminals anyway!"

....Say what?! My daughter, who doesn't smoke or drink or do drugs and is a practicing Buddhist Vegan? A criminal? Warning signs that reporters saw posted around Pier 57 said not to enterwithout protective clothing and mask. My exhausted daughter, with hundreds of others, tried to sleep that first night ...on the chemical-covered oily, cold cement floor of these pens, without food or water, without being read her rights, without being offered a chance to post bail, without seeing a judge although the National Lawyers Guild offered to represent them pro bono, without being charged or told why she was arrested and handcuffed and taken there, without being allowed to make a call to a lawyer or friend or parent or anyone -- all cell phones were confiscated as "terrorist weapons." Her purse was taken. She had nothing but the clothes on her back. Meanwhile...ordinary criminals arrested that same day in NYC for burglary, rape and heinous crimes were processed by the courts in less than 10 hours. My daughter, who had committed no crime, was incarcerated for three days incommunicado. People suffered chemical burns, bug bites, overcrowding and medical problems because their medicine was confiscated. A pregnant woman sat crying on the floor in the oil. It wasn't until my daughter was taken out of the Republican-managed "Little Guantanamo" and placed in a cell in a Manhattan city jail that a guard kindly brought her Vegan food and gave her a blanket to lay her grime-smeared body on at night in her crowded cell. I never thought I'd be grateful to get a call from a friend saying that my daughter was in a Manhattan city jail cell, but the knowledge that she was out of that> Little Guantanamo actually gave me relief. I called Hawaii's Republican Party Headquarters, and asked them to report it to Hawaii's Governor Linda Lingle, who was at the convention in NYC and could intervene for my daughter and other UH students incarcerated illegally by her party.

The Republican rep woman who answered the phone told me "Linda knows, and you're blowing it all out of proportion." Say What!! That's MY daughter, not YOURS, sitting in that instant-conflagration-fire-trap at Pier 57! Well, thanks a BUNCH, Linda Lingle. The UH students mean that LITTLE to you??? The Republicans wanted to "teach those protesters a lesson." They wanted to terrorize my daughter. But the lesson that the hundreds and hundreds of prisoners were taught... was not the one that the Republican Party intended, I would wager. My daughter had gone to NYC to walk in the peaceful protest of 500,000 people the day before the Republican National Convention began. She was not engaged in protest at the time of her arrest. She had been walking with friends near a park. There was no protest in action when they were arrested along with tourists and city employees going to work. Anyone caught in the NYPD orange fence netting was told to sit on the ground, handcuffed, and pushed into large NYC busses. Our sweet daughter, born and brought up in a small rainforest in Hawaii, was placed in detention at Pier 57, the notorious "Little Guantanomo." I recall that when the Democrats held their convention to nominate Senator John Kerry as their candidate for President, there were only 6 people arrested, if I remember correctly. At the Republican National Convention to elect Bush as their candidate, there were thousands arrested. I suspect that Republicans might say this was a good thing. Being tough. This group-roundup tactic is called by the Republican party "preventative detention" (like the "pre-emptive war" in Iraq). It is used to terrorize those who might protest Bush's agenda when he is in town. America, wake up. Hitler told the German people that they would have to "give up a few of your rights that we can fight the enemy." That's what Ashcroft said, about the misnamed PATRIOT ACT. Wake up, America. The American flag that proudly waves by MY front gate and is on the back window of MY car...doesn't seem to be the same American flag that the Republican Party is waving.

-- Erin Starr, Makawao, Maui, Hawaii

Maui student caught up in mass arrests at convention
Staff Writer

HONOLULU - A 21-year-old Olinda woman says she was unjustly arrested and held in inhumane conditions last week in New York City while she and other Hawaii students were involved in protests at the Republican National Convention.

Summer Starr, a graduate student in political science at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, was among 1,821 people arrested during the convention last week.

According to reports, New York police allegedly corralled people who were walking down the street so they could not move, then arrested all of them, often without first ordering them to disperse and giving then a chance to do so.

The New York Civil Liberties Union is compiling stories from protesters who say they were arrested for no reason, detained for unnecessarily long periods or held in unsafe conditions. The group is also considering suing the city over police conduct.

"I went up to New York initially to protest the Republican National Convention. Actually at the time of the arrest, I wasn't physically engaged in protest," Starr said in a telephone call from Manoa on Monday.

She said a group of people were cornered by officers near Bryant Park in Manhattan and were arrested on Aug. 31. They has been at the New York Public Library protesting when police made them scatter toward Bryant Park, Starr said.

"They didn't inform us why we were being arrested," she said. "At least I didn't hear it."

Starr said the arrest "was not justified in anyway. We weren't violent. We were absolutely peaceful."

If police were under the impression that the protesters were doing something wrong, Starr said they should have been arrested at the site of the protest, should have been told what they were being arrested for and not "shuffled down the street."

Following her arrest, Starr said all of the people with her were placed in plastic cuffs and were bused to Pier 57, a large, dirty building with concrete floors. The holding area was a former bus terminal.

"It was absolutely inhumane and not a proper place to be holding people," Starr said.

One of the individuals being held was a girl dressed up in a black dress. Starr said the girl had been stepping out of her apartment to go out when she was swept up with a group and arrested.

Starr said about five others from Hawaii were among the people arrested.

In news reports last week, Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaking on his radio show, seemed to imply that the arrests of innocent people were inevitable.

"You can't arrest 1,800 people without having somebody in the middle who shouldn't have been arrested. That's what the courts are there to find out afterwards," he said.

Starr, who was born and raised in Olinda and attended Makawao School, Seabury Hall, the Maui Ocean Academy and Maui Community College, said she just thought about her home on Maui while in jail.

At home on Maui, Starr's mother, Erin, got a call from one of Summer's friends on Oahu that Summer was arrested and taken to Pier 57. Erin Starr said Pier 57 was nicknamed "Little Guantanamo," referring to the holding facilities set up at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, where detainees from Afghanistan are being held without charges.

"I looked it up on the Internet and fear crept into me," said Erin Starr. "I called my daughter's cell phone over and over, saying 'It's mom, where are you? Call me.'"

Summer Starr's personal belongings were taken away from her when she was arrested.

She said that she and others were kept at Pier 57 for about a day.

"Every single one of us were covered in black grease," she said about being held at the former bus terminal.

Starr said did not eat because she is a vegetarian and the only food provided was a meat sandwich.

"I wasn't expecting to be treated like a queen, (but) I wasn't expecting to be treated like a political prisoner," she said.

On the day after the arrest, Starr said she was taken to a Manhattan jail where she and others were regularly moved from cell to cell. She said they were told they were going to be released soon and that the fingerprinting process was slow.

She said she was released around 10 p.m. on Thursday, about two days after she was arrested.

It was on that day that Judge John Cataldo of the State Supreme Court in Manhattan ordered the city to release more than 550 protesters who had been detained, in some cases, for as long as 60 hours.

Starr said as the New York detainees were being released, there was a person handing out tickets to those arrested. She said she was cited for disorderly conduct and has a summons to appear in a New York City court on Oct. 6.

She had asked that she not be required to return to New York for court proceedings because she lives in Hawaii, noting that some others arrested did not have to return. But she was told she would have to appear.

Erin Starr said the family has retained an attorney in New York who is trying to dismiss the summons.

Summer Starr said she was denied a lawyer during proceedings in New York, but "didn't want to make a big fuss." She said she was frightened by the treatment.

"I didn't want them to put me back in," she said.

"We were scared out of our minds to get arrested again," she said. "It was a horrible, horrible experience."

Back on Oahu on Monday, Starr was trying to get back to normalcy, working on a 10-page paper, and battling what seemed to be a cold.

Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services contributed to this report.
Melissa Tanji can be reached at


If you don't Vote for Bush, You'll become marked by the Patriot Act!
(Which was intended for Terrorists!)

After he wins, those marked will be arrested during a Martial Law crisis
of a staged event...
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increase 1776

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PostMon Sep 13, 2004 2:14 pm  Reply with quote  

julianpenrod One word,Fantastic.
"The police are not here to create disorder.
The police are here to preserve disorder." Mayor Richard Daley
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Swamp Gas

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PostMon Sep 13, 2004 2:50 pm  Reply with quote  

So, the RNC is hiring private police and jails set up to "teach those protestors a lesson".

But wait, they are not private..They are NYPD!!!

We are not APPROACHING a police state...We are there. And 50% still want this to continue.

Bloomberg's response was, "What did those jailed protestors expect, Club Med?"

There were old cripples, under age kids, and shoppers snared in their "Soylent Green" dragnet.

The Words to Consolidated's "Friendly Fascism" written in 1990. More relevant than ever.

"Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the end of the twentieth century and the arrival of friendly fascism.

Regrettably, millions will die as before. But just think of the tremendous
selection amd savings you'll gain.

Of course the loss of freedom and democracy are tragedies, I know, but consider the entertainment value contained within and to remind
you, it is you, the people, who have mandated this course of our fate so please come with me...

Look at the new face of power in America. This is your future you can never
leave. Who said tyranny can't be fun? Friendly fascism having so much fun, what else do you need?

You'll learn to like what you must do.

If you resist you are suppressed. You are told who to fight and when by Bush the Nazi Fascist Friend.

Alienating technology wipes out our sense of community. Millions will die just like before. We disconnect and start the war.

We make life a commodity. We turn animals into machines.

Kinder and gentler slaughter house.

Big business and big government distract us with entertainment.

They manufacture our consent while we destroy the environment."
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