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another murder at Ft. Bragg

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another murder at Ft. Bragg PostTue Feb 08, 2005 6:41 am  Reply with quote  

Julian Penrod
4 Fairfield Avenue
West Caldwell, New Jersey 07006
(973) 220-1601

February 7, 2005

Letters to the Editor

Dear sirs:

There can be many levels to an issue, and, unless you look at all of them, you cannot necessarily be said completely to understand the matter.

On February 7, 2005, it was announced, in The Star Ledger, that Richard T. Corcoran, Jr., of Glen Ridge, New Jersey, currently stationed at Ft. Bragg, in North Carolina, "walked into his wife's home northwest of Fayetteville" and then "repeatedly shot her boyfriend, fellow soldier William Paul Seifert". When his wife fled, he shot her in the arm, then "re-entered the house" and "shot himself in the head".

In and of itself, this would be noteworthy enough. A fuller view of the situation, though, reveals extremely important points.

One of the first is that Michael Corcoran was also a defendant in a rape case, in which Corcoran and at least six other members of the Glen Ridge High School football team "raped a mentally retarded teenage girl with a broom and a baseball bat in the basement of one of the boy's homes [sic]"! Corcoran, the son of a police lieutenant in the township was indicted, but charges were dropped one day before his trial! He, subsequently, "won a $200,000 settlement in a federal civil rights lawsuit that charged the Essex County Prosecutor's Office with malicious prosecution"! A few years later, he enlisted in the Army, was assigned to Ft. Bragg, and deployed with "the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) to Afghanistan". Returning to the United States in 2003, he "was transferred to the 1st Special Warfare Training Group in August of that year".

Those familiar with the threads of suspicious activity that the general media seem loathe to mention - involving what the general media often derisively term "conspiracy theories"! - are not unfamiliar with "Special Ops" forces, covert, highly trained "deep cover” soldiers, generally used to carry out highly questionable, if not downright illegal operations, destabilizing foreign populations, assisting warlords, facilitating death squads.

All in the service, apparently, not of promoting justice, decency and democracy, but just making sure that “American interests” - usually defined as Wall Street whims! - emerge victorious from their clash with other populations’ human rights!

Those aware of the existence and evident purpose of Special Ops are also aware of another facet that Corcoran has in common with others in the same branch of the service.

Corcoran’s murder of his wife’s boyfriend, his wounding of his wife, and his killing himself joins an apparently swiftly expanding list of violent crimes among Special Ops soldiers stationed at Ft. Bragg!

During the summer of 2002 alone, there were no fewer than five cases of fatal domestic violence at Ft. Bragg. Four soldiers - three of them also Special Ops troops, trained at the base - killed their wives, and, in one case, the wife of a Special Ops soldier seems to have killed him in his sleep!

Corcoran’s incident is at least the sixth incident in the past two and a half years!

Those familiar with these incidents would also know that at least the incidents in 2002 were ascribed to troops’ forced treatment with a powerful drug, to avoid malaria and, apparently, cutaneous anthrax. The drug, Lariam - “malaria” without one “a, and with the other letters mixed - has been identified as having severe potential psychotic side-effects, such as aggression, depression and suicidal tendencies. It was so bad that Hoffman-LaRoche, the drug’s maker, had to place a warning on the product that there were “some” severe psychological after-effects. Recently, they moved to change “some” effects to “rare” cases of psychological repercussions, but this may force a re-thinking on that!

Lariam was administered to all Special Operations soldiers assigned to places such as Afghanistan, just like Corcoran, so it is not unlikely that he was also treated with the chemical.

An even deeper look into the matter, however, reveals even more significant information!

In fact, the six events since summer 2002 are not the only cases of sudden, fatal domestic violence at Ft. Bragg!

In 1995, for example, a soldier stationed at Ft. Bragg, William Kreutzer, opened fire on an entire squad of 1300 men, killing Maj. Stephen M. Badger and wounding 18 others! In 1970, former Army doctor Jeffrey MacDonald, murdered his pregnant wife and his two daughters, at their apartment in Ft. Bragg!

It appears that Ft. Bragg is literally bathed in blood!

Nor does it appear, at first blush, that either William Kreutzer, nor Dr. MacDonald were suffering the effects of Lariam!

It seems terrifyingly the case that this was fostered by a general character of utter and complete depraved indifference for human life, among at least those assigned to Special Operations forces! It may be less any particular skill than a demonstrated complete contempt for the life of others that “qualifies” a man for Special Ops!

This is frighteningly revealed in the recent incident, involving Marine Lt. Gen. James Mattis.

Speaking on a panel discussion hosted by the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, General Mattis observed, chillingly, that “it’s fun to shoot some people”!

Commenting on operations in Afghanistan, the same spot Corcoran was stationed, Mattis observed, “Actually, it’s a lot of fun to fight. You know, it’s a hell of a hoot...It’s fun to shoot some people. I’ll be right up front with you, I like brawling.”

Addressing the actions against Taliban in Afghanistan, Mattis stated, “You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for five years because they didn’t wear a veil. You know, guys like that ain’t got no manhood left, anyway. So it’s a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them.”

Equally disgustingly, this all received welcoming laughter from the other military attendees of the conference, but, evidently, a degree of shocked silence from civilians present!

But the truth seems laid out, in all this!

The first thing someone has to do, in considering the military, is abandon the idea of their fighting for liberty, decency or honor!

They fight only to win!

And, apparently, they will do anything to achieve that, no matter how low, how foul, nor unscrupulous! The only problem is managing to get away with it! A compliant and corrupt system of military courts - and it seems no member of the military judicial system is considered free from collusion or conspiracy to pervert justice! - and an obligingly obedient media - saying what they are told to say, and nothing else! - seems all they need!

Reports have circulated since the beginning of the Iraq invasion of soldiers running amuck in the country, staging break-ins of houses, and stealing occupants possessions, “to keep the money out of the hands of the ‘terrorists’” - when you spit in the face of God, it helps to have an “excuse” - yet little, if any mention has been made in the American press!

In fact, the military admit no loyalty, except to the president! They serve solely “at the president’s pleasure”! And, when the president acts only to promote the ambitions of corrupt Wall Street CEO’s the army becomes little more than a gang of uniformed thugs!

And, for something like that, only someone with utter and complete contempt for the rights of others seems fit! And that is all they look for! No wonder they arrange for such ponderous layering over with armor; such immense expenditure on protection for vehicles; such demand for the highest power weaponry; such investment in robot drones; such emphasis on a push button system, whereby someone can sit in a control room a hundred miles away and slaughter entire populations with a flick of a switch!

In other times, it would be considered the height of disrepute for an army loaded with radio gear, bullet proof vests, high powered weaponry, assisted with air support and informed by satellite guidance systems to go to war with barefoot insurgents, armed with little more than dynamite and muskets! There used to be a day when it was considered a matter of pride for an army to go “toe-to-toe” with an enemy on an equal footing!

But those were days when such a thing as ethic was involved! That was a day when soldiers were emboldened by the self-evident worth of their purpose to fight in dangerous circumstances!

The filthy, bullying cowards that apparently make up the United States Army couldn’t even consider taking on someone else, unless they had a patent unfair advantage! They apparently know they are working just to ensure that CEO’s and politicos can afford more heroin and whores! They are not proud of their venture, just aware they aren’t good for anything other than butchering other human beings! For that reason, they don’t want to take the kind of chance of getting hurt that comes from fihting your enemy in an honorable and just manner!

They like the odds involved in bludgeoning a woman with a rifle butt! They are not, however, going to put themselves in the position of fighting on an equal basis with someone they seem to consider to be in the right! They know that person is going to fight with the force of righteousness in their mind, while the American is going to fight knowing that all they’re doing is making sure the next president of Walt Disney Enterprises can get stoned on crack as often as he likes! Not even a born murderer likes to take chances, when all their doing is helping somebody else get high!

The day the American Armed Forces agree to fight an enemy on an equal footing is the day someone can say that maybe there is someone there, somewhere, who respects ethic over just winning!

Until that day, take the lesson from Michael Corcoran!

When he demonstrated his evident patent contempt for others, the Army apparently saw in him someone to man one of their “death squads”. Rather than have someone with so little regard for human life rot in jail, they apparently arranged for him to be freed, on one of the apparently most ludicrous grounds ever heard, and even arranged for him to be paid $200,000 ahead of time, “for expected services to be rendered butchering populaces in Afghanistan”!

To make the world free for the president of Disney to get stoned as often as he likes!

They apparently like to have someone who rapes mentally ill girls on Special Ops!

If government shows it has no respect for human rights, the public have to enforce respect for those rights, themselves!

They have to write letters to the editor, condemning the evident malignance at the heart of American politics!

They have to write letters to politicos, letting them know they are aware of the corruption they are engaged in!

They have to counsel their children not to enter the Armed Forces!

They have to look into the immense amount of information pointing to the events of September 11, 2001 actually having been engineered by the administration, to facilitate international criminality!

Most importantly, they have to involve themselves, deeply and determinedly, in politics, so that, when political criminality again appears, they can denounce it, loudly and immediately!

Julian Penrod
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