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Bush Officials Warn Of Future Reichstag/Twin Towers II

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Orwell knew

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Bush Officials Warn Of Future Reichstag/Twin Towers II PostThu Feb 17, 2005 1:56 am  Reply with quote  

With fired and retired ex-CIA and FBI PATRIOTS coming to the defense of America now, and revealing THE TRUTH about the complicity in 9-11 of THE CRIMINALS within the Administration that helped instigate the terror against THEIR OWN FELLOW CITIZENS, we may now be facing the ever awaited TIME of Twin Towers 2 the evil sequel in an attempt to quell The TRUTH from surfacing.

This time however expect the 'special effects' to be even greater as well as the misery and destruction and death with a a grand finale of another attempt to surpass (anti)-patriot 1 with a bigger and more viscous freedom grabbing attempt.

OR will our heroes coming forth be joined by even more TRUE PATRIOTS that will never lay down and allow the TRUE perpe TRAITORS to DESTROY America with their grand CHARADE of Death and Destruction blamed on others. Will they STAND with those that have the GUTS to go against the grain, those with a little SPINE, and INTEGRITY and those that have risked ALL for the REAL AMERICA the one many have promised to DIE FOR in DEFENSE OF.

Sibel Edmonds (sp) is a REAL HERO and all those who stand for THE TRUTH with her in the face of ADVERSITY.

And these below are VIPERS and of THE ANTICHRIST and though they may be allowed to go about killing and devouring the innocent, and raiding the treasury for now, in the name of a fake golden idol they worship as god, they will only be able to do so for a short season. We THE PEOPLE will PREVAIL in the end.


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