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Author Thread
elvis lives

Joined: 30 Sep 2000
Posts: 143
Location: Pismo Beach, California
DELETED BY THE ARTIST FORMALLY KNOWN AS CYDONIAQUEST PostSun Jan 14, 2001 8:48 pm  Reply with quote  

Does this mean he left in the quiet of the night....or does this mean he is craving attention....One flew over the cuckoo's nest?
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Joined: 01 Nov 2000
Posts: 200
Location: Indiana USA
PostMon Jan 15, 2001 1:04 am  Reply with quote  

One flew east, one flew west . . . captured from the couckoo's nest

Well, I don't know where they come from but they sure do come. . . . I've titled this one,


..not because you are disagreeing with me, but because your response is completely rude, arrogant, closed minded and irrational.

This is exactly what I mean by closed-mined. A closed-minded person is often unable or incapable of imagining or theorizing about things outside his/her own ideas or perceptions of reality.

I now see you as a hostile individual incapable of an adult conversation,

>"You truly are the mother of all braindamged, humorless, psychotic, FE obsessed, sarcastic bitches, aren't you Node?"<

>"You truly are the mother of all braindamged, humorless, psychotic, FE obsessed, sarcastic bitches, aren't you Node?"<

I don't care if your are a female (I wouldn't call you a lady).

posted 01-09-2001 08:40 AM


Okay people, settle down. We don't want the thread to spontaneously combust. Disagreeing is fine, avoid the derogatories...

on't worry about the insults...I never insult anybody I disagree with, until I’ve turned the cheek a few times, and the person I’m dealing with is completely and hoplessly irrational and hostile. You have your “Nsa Sucks” of the world and I have my “Seekers and Noddebunkers”.

Rude as always Node....but that's to be expected.

By contrast, when you look at the idiotic quality of the responses by the debunkers (and I don't include "Sceptic" in this category) it becomes evident that people like Node and LTC aren't really interested in a dialog at all....only provocation. I love to discuss things in a rational way with those who may have differing opnions, but some people have no concept of rational. They are completely incapable of rational thought and honest, civilized discussion as Node is proud to demonstrate.

You are dealing with the completely irrational and braindead, you may see why the only direction these people can carry a conversation is immature and mindless bickering.....there's no point in it. I will engage sincere people like Sceptic (with different points of view) in conversation and debate. But Node is a completely hopless cause. It's like trying to push a feather through a brick wall, you're not going to find any signs of intelligence or common sense there....

Now Node is another case altogether. In my view, she is obviously not interested in truth....just seems to me she is interested in rhetorical, argumentative or contentious types of exchanges. Notice carefully, how none of her points ever really address mine. She just uses my points as a platform for her own spin which completely fails to adress the statements I made in response to Sceptic.....It's much like talking to a person who doesn’t hear you quite right, or hears what they want to hear, and therefore you’re always trying to clarify what you just said..... People like this are inherently impossible to communicate with, because they don't correctly read or interpret points made.....whether intentionally or unintentionally. They are going to think want they want to think, regardless of what anyone says and therefore there is no point in being in a conversation with this type of individual. A conversation is by definition a two way exchange, and Node seems incapable of this. To illustrate my point, I wouldn't fly with Node in an airplane with her as co-pilot for example,(assuming she was fully qualified) because if I said something like "cheer up", and without the benefit of rational, critical thinking, she might hear "gear-up" taxiing out to the run-way and we'd all be in a world of hurt. Perhaps my use of the words "idiot" or "braindead" are not accurate either, but rather more the result of my emotional reaction to her response.

Perhaps, obstinate, closed-minded, unreasonable, contentious, argumentative would be better descriptive terms. "Irrational" is a good term to describe her response style though....and I'm going to have to stick with that one, because an irrational person often finds it impossible to carry on a cogent conversation based on established foundation or points.

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gar fla

Joined: 01 Jun 2005
Posts: 21
Location: Tampa, Florida
PostFri Jun 03, 2005 1:49 am  Reply with quote  

Just had to bump this one up.
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