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Everybody, please see this image

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Imp amJ

Joined: 16 Apr 2005
Posts: 83
Location: Here and Now
Everybody, please see this image PostMon Aug 01, 2005 7:22 am  Reply with quote  

Everybody, please see this image

The photo which Koagion posted from the Live 8 concert.

"1 Billion people live on"

It's not "live" but "live". See/read the difference. The truth is contained in a single word. Only 1 billion of us get to live. Where have we read this horrible plan before, the thinning of our population, genocide?

No more hidden meanings, no more de-coding or analyses required. The message is clear.

Please circulate this image. More people need to realize what the f they are planning to do. Unless we can do something to wake people up? Show them. Please Crying or Very sad
I despise mendacity!
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Et in Arcadia ego

Joined: 07 Jun 2005
Posts: 2166
Location: The Void
PostMon Aug 01, 2005 2:22 pm  Reply with quote  

The direct link is here:

Not sure what I could possibly say about numerological analysis that is done on a level this deep. Superficially it appears quite crazy, but it warrants a dedicated read at the least.

Thanks for sharing, man.
"If the President has commander-in-chief power to commit torture, he has the power to commit genocide, to sanction slavery, to promote apartheid, to license summary execution."
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